The Purchasing Department seeks to support the University of Dallas and all its departments, inclusive of staff, faculty, and ancillary offices through the timely acquisition of materials and services. Through negotiations, analysis, and continual review of market conditions, Purchasing's sole objective is to provide the best value for the University. It shall operate under the professional standards established by the University of Dallas and the guidelines set by the Institute of Supply Chain.


The Purchasing Department has in excess of forty years of Supply Chain Management which includes:

  •     Establishing procurement plans
  •     Developing sourcing strategies and standards
  •     Negotiation and solicitation of bids
  •     Supplier analysis
  •     Contract execution
  •     Implementation and administration
  •     Data management
  •     System Design.

These skills have been honed from experience in a variety of industries including education, telecommunications, construction, manufacturing, and convention management. The staff continually reviews standard practices to maintain consistence with the standards set by the Institute Supply Chain management and University policy.