Duplicate Diploma Request

Duplicate Diploma Requests

The Registrar's Office does not keep copies of diplomas. Each diploma is a unique document. If a duplicate diploma is needed, it must be requested in writing, with the signature of the alumnus. Payment must be provided at time of ordering.

Duplicate diplomas are currently $60 USD. Diplomas typically arrive 10 weeks after the order is placed. For further information on how to submit an order for a duplicate diploma, please see the Duplicate Diploma Request Form.

The printed and signed form may be returned as described on the form.


Rekindling 'The Truth of Human Experience'

The urgent task of philosophy in our day, according to the renowned German philosopher Martin Heidegger, is to relearn the art of seeing what is before us, argues Chad Engelland, director of the philosophy master's program, in his recently published book, "Heidegger's Shadow: Kant, Husserl, and the Transcendental Turn."

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In Memoriam: Robert "Bob" J. Finegan

Former university trustee Robert "Bob" J. Finegan, passed away last week on July 7, 2017, at the age of 79, surrounded by his loved ones. He will be dearly missed and remembered as a courageous and kind spirit.

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