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Issuing Refunds At The University of Dallas

Each week the University of Dallas reviews student accounts for credit balances. Those accounts found to have a credit balance are flagged and audited to determine if the credit balance belongs to the student. All credit balances that belong to students or other qualified third parties are then processed for disbursement. The funds are disbursed to the Higher One Refund Program to be delivered to the student according to the method chosen by the student.

Funding for the Title IV programs is received by EFT. Funds received by EFT are posted to the correct student account within three days (3) of notification of receipt of the funds. Student Account Services will then have the credit balance disbursed to the Higher One Refund Program within fourteen days (14) from the time the credit is posted to the student account. The refund will then be disbursed by Higher One to the student using the method chosen by the student.

HigherOne Refund Program

HigherOne Refund Program – The University of Dallas now issues financial aid and credit balance refunds through the HigherOne Refund Program. HigherOne is contracted as a third-party servicer to make the refund process quicker, easier, and more secure for both the University and its students.

When a student enrolls at the University of Dallas, he or she is issued, by mail, a HigherOne Refund Card. This card serves as a personal identifier to the HigherOne Company and enables activation of the program. DO NOT DISPOSE OF THIS CARD. The card must be retained for identification even if it is not used as a MasterCard debit card. To activate, please visit Activation of the card gives the student these three refund options:

ACH Direct Deposit – Allows students to have their refunds deposited directly into the bank account of their choice. The student must activate the program and select Direct Deposit as his refund preference and then provide the required identification form to HigherOne by email or fax. When a refund is processed, it will arrive in the student's bank account within 2-3 business days. With this option, the card received in the mail cannot be used as a debit card but must be retained for student identification to the HigherOne Company. The majority of students at the University of Dallas choose this option.

OneAccount – The OneAccount is an FDIC insured online checking account offered by HigherOne. By selecting this option at activation, the student sets up an account which has no minimum balance requirements and uses the Card as a debit MasterCard. Refunds posted to the OneAccount are available to the student the same day they are processed. Students can withdraw funds for free from any HigherOne ATM (Standard ATM fees apply to any withdrawal from a non-HigherOne ATM). There is a free HigherOne ATM in Haggar Foyer for the students' convenience. The One Account is most convenient for students with small out-of-state banks and students with limited transportation who often need to access an ATM. The One Account also gives students the option of requesting money from an outside benefactor (i.e. parent or guardian) through the account and of linking the OneAccount to a funding bank account. Students are also able to link their OneAccount to their UD CASHNet account, conveniently allowing them to make payments to the University and avoid credit card convenience fees. Click here for instructions on linking your OneAccount to CASHNet.

*Important Notice: While HigherOne does not charge monthly fees or have minimum balance requirements, certain fees apply to certain optional usages of the One Account and debit MasterCard. Fees can be avoided by following the guidelines described by HigherOne and using only the services listed as free on the HigherOne fee schedule.

Paper Check – As a final refund option, students may choose not to activate the HigherOne Refund Program. In this case, HigherOne will mail the student a paper check for the balance of the refund. However, for security reasons, this check will not arrive until 21-28 business days after the refund has processed. Be advised that this is the least secure option, as the check may be lost in the mail, damaged in transit, or sent to an incorrect or outdated address. The student is responsible for cashing or depositing the check manually upon receipt within 90 days of its issue.

To select either Direct Deposit or the OneAccount option, please activate the HigherOne Refund Program at according to the instructions in the envelope. To choose paper check, take no action. You will receive an email from HigherOne when your refund is processed and available.  If no action is taken, HigherOne may call to request the student setup a preference. 

Which option should I choose?

HigherOne offers multiple options so that students may decide which refund preference best suits their needs. In addition to the information above, here is a summary of the pros and cons of each option.

Direct Deposit


- Funds are deposited electronically into any U.S. bank the student chooses.

- No extra account or card to manage.

- Funds are available in 2-3 business days.


- There is no free ATM on campus for non-HigherOne accounts.

- Regular bank fees apply according to your own bank's policies (Note: No fees are charged to the  student by the University for the disbursal and accessing of refund monies).

HigherOne OneAccount


- Refunds are available in the OneAccount the same day they are processed.

- Students can make withdrawals at the free HigherOne ATM on campus.

- The OneAccount is a fully functional, FDIC insured online bank account that charges no monthly fees and has no minimum balance requirement.

- OneAccount can be linked to CASHNet for easy payments to the University with no convenience fees. Click here for instructions on linking your OneAccount to CASHNet.

- Students can make free transfers into the OneAccount from an external bank account and request money from parents or guardians through the OneAccount.

- The OneAccount allows unlimited free online bill pay.

 -Students can use Easy Deposit check capture to deposit checks with a scanner or smart phone.

- HigherOne also offers OneAccount Flex and OneAccount Premier to give students more personalized banking options.


- The HigherOne ATM on campus is the only ATM in the area that allows students to withdraw funds from their OneAccounts for free. All non-HigherOne ATMs charge standard fees. HigherOne ATMs may sometimes be found on other college campuses as well.

- While the basic functions of the OneAccount are free, certain usages and the upgraded OneAccounts charge fees. See the HigherOne fee schedule for details.

- Students cannot make deposits at any ATMs, including HigherOne ATMs.

- HigherOne charges a fee to transfer money out of the OneAccount to an external bank account.

Paper Checks


- No activation necessary to receive refund.


- For security reasons, refund checks will not arrive until 21-28 business days after the refund has been processed.

- Paper Checks involve significant risk of being lost in the mail, damaged in transit, or being sent to an incorrect or outdated address.

- Students must cash or deposit checks manually within 90 days of issue.

For more information, contact HigherOne at:

Customer Service: 1 (877) 327-9515

Fax for identification, date of birth, and Social Security updates: (866) 753-9180

Fax for ACH forms: (866) 754-6216

Please have your card number ready for identity verification when contacting HigherOne.

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