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Charity Week: Schedule of Events

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BOOTHS!  Booths run 11 am-2 pm & 5 pm-8 pm
Booths during the week include...



  • Jail & Booths opens for the week
  • Air Band | 8:00 pm | Lynch Auditorium
    Airband, noun
    1. one of many student groups who perform a choreographed dance and lip-syncing act for a good cause and a chance at performing at Male Auction, as determined by the votes of the audience.
    To witness the showdown, show up with your donation of $2 the evening of Monday, October 7 at Lynch at 8pm and cast your ballot (included with admission) at the end of the night. Voting ($1/vote) continues through Wednesday, October 6 during mealtimes in Haggar.


  • Booths & Jail
  • Pie Day! Pie Baking Contest & Pie Eating Contest | Mall

    Pie-Baking Contest: This event is free. Participants will bring and submit their pre-baked pie to the Mall and a panel of professors will judge the pies and name the top three winners. The remaining pies will be auctioned off to the highest bidders in the crowd.

    Pie-Eating Contest: This event has a $5 entrance fee. Participants must pay this in the booths during mealtimes in Haggar during the week prior to Charity Week. The event will start immediately after the Pie-Baking Contest. The challenge will be for who can eat one pie the fastest, without using hands. The first person to finish will be awarded a grand prize.


  • Booths & Jail
  • Spaghetti Western: Movie & Dinner Night | 6:15 pm | West Hall Courtyard

    No western week would be complete without a viewing of the classic spaghetti western, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly starring Clint Eastwood! Come enjoy some excellent Italian food with friends and family! Faculty and students eat for $5 and faculty children eat for $3.

  • Two Steppin' Lessons with Swing Club | 9:00 pm | Haggar Cafe


Charity Week- Father Maguire
  • Booths & Jail (Faculty Jail Day)
  • Silent Auction | Haggar Foyer
  • Shave Off & Barbershop | 2:00 pm | Mall
    There are three great ways to participate!
    1. Auction off your hair, beard or mustache to raise donations
    2. Get a haircut for just $10 at the Campus Barber Shop
    3. We're also looking for experienced volunteers to cut hair
    Join the fun on Facebook!
  • Charity Week Karaoke TGIT | 9:00 pm | Rathskeller


  • Booths & Jail (Faculty Jail Day)
  • K.A.O.S. Open Season
  • Cowboys & Indians Human Chess Game | High Noon

    The greatest rivals that these parts have seen in years will meet face to face on the chess board at High Noon on Friday! The Cowboys, the Sciences and Math Departments, and the Indians, the Humanities Departments, will duel for the ultimate title in a game of live chess.

  • Silent Auction | Ends at 5:00 pm | Haggar Foyer
  • Male Auction | 8:00 pm | Lynch Auditorium

    Ladies of UD, wouldn't it be nice to have a man at your beck and call? Someone to make you dinner, sing to you, or rub your feet? You can find just that at the Male Auction on Friday, Oct. 11th at 8pm. Not only will you be pampered, you'll also be helping charity. Be prepared, and make sure to bring plenty of cash or your checkbook... no IOUs! The men are bringing their A-games this year, so be prepared for a night of fun and entertainment.

Photo courtesy of Danny Sauer, Class of 2012


  • Two Buck Two Step Dance | 9:00 pm | Gorman Lecture Center

    Pull on your boots and come two-step the night away! Join your friends in the Gorman Foyer and Faculty Lounge for the annual Charity Week Semi-formal... country style!

    Feeling a little rusty on your two-stepping skills? Stop by UD Swing Club in Haggar Cafeteria on Wednesday, October 9 for some free lessons and practice. Lessons from 9:00-9:30pm; free dance until 11:00pm.




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