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CONTINUING Clubs & Orgs: Renew

Deadlines for Clubs & Orgs Renewal & Request for Funding:

Any clubs or orgs which do not renew by the deadline will be placed on inactive status.

 Not a continuing Clubs & Orgs: Click HERE for New Registration instructions!

 To renew your club or organization you must be an administrator for your org's portal/page in Crusader Connect. If you do not have this access please have a previous administrator or officer add you or consult with Student Activities.


 Step 1- RenewLogin to OrgSync

1. Login to Crusader Connect and go your club or orgs portal.


OrgSync- Renewal Notification



2. Click on the blue renewal notification under club title on your club's club profile home page

3.Review and update information pertaining to the upcoming/current semester on the following pages:

OrgSync- Verification & Agreement



4. Click next on the verification and agreement page




OrgSync- Almost Done! 


5. Click the green finish button to complete renewal process

Step 2- Request Funding

Funding Requests are due at the same time as registration & renewal!

Click HERE for Funding Request information.

Step 3- Receive Training!

Club Officer Training is also around the corner! Training is required for ALL NEW officers or officers who have not received training in the current academic year. All officers will need to attend training in the fall semester. Only new officers need to attend training in the spring semester. This training includes Office and Crusader Connect Training, as well as State Mandated Risk Management Training.

Click HERE for training information.


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