Clubs & Orgs: Register & Renewal for Spring 2013


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Save the date! January 29th is the deadline for all Clubs & Orgs Registration, Renewal & Funding Requests!

CONTINUING Clubs & Orgs:

Renew your club for the spring semester through OrgSync. Deadline for renewal is January 29th.

NEW Clubs & Orgs:

Click HERE for information about starting a new club or student organization.
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Deadline for new club or org registration is January 29th.


Funding Requests for both new and continuing clubs are due January 29th. Funding Requests are 2 part.


Club Officer Training is also around the corner! Training is required for ALL NEW officers or officers, who did not receive training last semester. It will consist of Office and OrgSync Training, as well as State Mandated Risk Management Training.

*All training sessions will be held in the Art History Auditorium.

Training dates include:


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