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Room Change Request

Current campus residents who wish to request a room change must first submit a completed 'Room Change Request Form' to the Office of Student Life making sure to answer ALL questions and obtain ALL necessary signatures including the signature of your Resident Assistant in the hall or your Residence Coordinator if you live in the campus apartments.

New students cannot request a room change until after the first two weeks of the semester.

Refer to page 46 in the official undergraduate 'Student Handbook' for information regarding room consolidation as well as page 57 for information regarding roommate conflicts.

Residents will normally be notified within approximately one week by phone or email of the decision.  New roommate pairs must also submit a 'Roommate Agreement' form to their RA.

If granted, residents have two business days to complete the move.  This includes checking out from the original room both online and with the RA and then also checking in online into the new room.  Failure to do either  will result in fines.

Personal items left behind in the old room after this time will be considered abandoned property and disposed of accordingly.  

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