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Computer and Network Usage Policy


Users of computing resources at the University of Dallas (UD) have access to valuable university facilities, to sensitive data and to external networks. Consequently, it is important for all users to behave in a responsible, ethical and legal manner. In general, appropriate use means respecting the rights of other computer users, the integrity of the physical facilities and all pertinent license and contractual agreements.

These guidelines apply to all users of UD computing resources. Users include, but are not limited to, staff, faculty, visiting faculty, students, and external individuals and/or organizations. UD computing resources are those resources that are owned or managed by UD and include, but are not limited to, central computing facilities and servers, laboratories, campus networking, local-area networks, electronic mail, access to the Internet, and departmental workstations.

Guidelines for appropriate use

The following list, while not exhaustive, provides some specific guidelines for responsible and ethical behavior:


The appropriate computing department may revoke user privileges of anyone who has abused the computing resources, has gained unauthorized access to computing resources, or has otherwise disobeyed these policies. If further actions are deemed appropriate, officials of the University of Dallas and of state and federal agencies may be notified.

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