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Psychology Students Present at Regional Conference

A group of 16 UD students presented their psychological research at the regional Southwestern Psychological Association's annual conference over the weekend. Students submitted an abstract of their work to be peer reviewed and were accepted to present at this year's conference held in Fort Worth, TX.

Gender Differences in Visual and Auditory Compliance – Chandler Johnson
Academic Performance in College Students with ADHD – Alexandra Pimentel
An Exploration of General Self-Efficacy and Self-Esteem on Testing – Juliauana Rossi
Violent Video Games and Aggression – Jessica Estrada
Examining the Relationship between Catholic Religiosity and Perceptions of Sin – Daniel Matamoros
Credibility and Advertisement Evaluations – Erica Garcia
Improving Name-face Recall: Comparing Three Memory Strategies – Andrea Lindsay
Examining Perceptions of People with Speech Impairments – Anne Kaplan 
Three Types of Memory: Teaching Factorial Mixed Design – Gilbert Garza, PhD; Brittany Landrum, PhD; Juliauna Rossi
Visual and Verbal Advertisement Effects on Consumer Purchase – Laura Yokell
Relationship between Homogeneity of gender of Friendships and Friendship differences across gender – Evan Sadasivan
The Effects of Compulsive Facebook Usage and Academic Performance – Fernando Salazar
Not Everyone Deserves a Trophy: The Relationship of Self-Esteem, Self-Efficacy, and Sex – Juliauna Rossi
Right or Left? Presidential Vote and Perceptions of Government – Brittany Landrum, PhD; Gilbert Garza, PhD; Juliauna Rossi
A Mixed Method Analysis of Gender Differences in Moral Decision Making – Alyssa Alonso
Examining factors related to attitudes toward disabilities – Valerie Wark
Empathy, Social Justice, and Trust in Authority: Deadly Medicine's Impact on Beliefs – Erin Freeman, PhD; Amy Fisher Smith, PhD; Anthony Nguyen
Effect of Personality on Technology – Laura Talbot
How far is too far: Feeling pressured and self-esteem – Caroline Watanbe

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Photos:  Anne Kaplan, Evan Sadasivan, Andrea Lindsay

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