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From College to Career to Calling

Your son or daughter is embarking on a remarkable journey at the University of Dallas. Our hope is that they will be able to articulate the value of their learning in a way that will demonstrate their ability to navigate and contribute in a changing world. To that end, we want your student to begin considering the future, developing habits and making decisions that will contribute to their future success:

Good grades and the right major are important blocks in the foundation of finding a job after graduation. These are KEY goals for the first year at UD. As your student progresses through the freshman year into the following years, here are other steps he or she can take to increase their value to future employers or graduate schools.

Go to Career Services and attend Career Services events. Research shows that tapping into the resources offered by career services can increase the likelihood of getting a job offer.

While career counselors won't "place" a student in a job, they guide students towards decisions and behaviors that will help them find their way onto and up the career ladder. They teach students how to put together meaningful, relevant resumes and cover letters, how to interview successfully, and how to build a network.

University of Dallas Career Services staff know the employers that hire on their college campuses—they work with them on a regular basis—and can put a student in touch with the organizations looking for interns and entry-level hires.

Do an internship. Maybe the most important thing a student can do is find an internship—get real work experience in the field. Many employers look within their own internship programs when they need to fill entry-level positions.

That means, if a student does a good job while in an internship, he or she may get a job offer from that organization. And, while an internship could be the foot-in-the-door that a new grad needs, it also gives a student a realistic look at the prospective job, company, and career. We want students to "test the waters" before they pursue an interest. Internships are a key tool in the discernment process.

Start the job-search process early.

o Find the right major and start asking and answering meaningful questions about future goals during the freshman or sophomore year. Visit with academic and career services adviser to gain clarity and establish a plan.

o Start exploring internship opportunities. Multiple internships over the course of four years is the goal. Service learning and external research and writing are other good options.

o Attend all Career Services events, because most will feature guest speakers from the professional realm who can provide insight and inspiration.

Please contact UD Career Services for more information!
Julie Janik, Director

Adapted by University of Dallas Career Services. Some content Courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

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