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Career Services: Helping Your Student Stand Out From the Crowd

Questions you, as a parent, might have...

Q: When should my son or daughter visit Career Services?

A: Students are encouraged to visit Career Services from the moment they join the UD family. Establishing a relationship with our team of Career Advisors will allow your student to begin building a meaningful network early on, to begin learning about internship and employment options, and ultimately leave them better prepared to make good choices regarding employment or graduate school.

Q. What major should my daughter or son choose and how does a liberal arts degree affect their prospects for future employment?

A: College majors don't necessarily lead to a specific career path. UD students (and alumni) are valued for their strong critical thinking and communication skills, which are requisite in all professions. Students should study what they love and make good choices regarding extracurricular activities (student organizations and internships) in preparation for a future job search.

Q. How will my son or daughter know that you exist on the UD campus?

A: Oh! THEY KNOW! We send out frequent emails, maintain a blog, are present on Twitter, and host the CareerLink site. We plaster posters campus-wide advertising every Career Services event (often co-hosted by employers like Southwest Airlines, Verizon, GE Capital Finance, and the Department of Homeland Security). Plus, ask your student if they braved the Career Services Haunted House. If the answer is "yes," they have already set foot in our offices in Augustine 132.

More questions?
Please contact Julie Janik, Director of Career Services at or 972.721.4127.

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