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Is Your Student Rome Bound?

Dear Parents,

Greetings from the Irving-based Rome Office of the University of Dallas.

Applications for both Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 will be available in early February 2013 and due March 1, 2013.

Passports: A passport valid until September 2014 is part of a complete Rome application. Passports issued prior to the age of 18 expire five years after being issued. A passport which expires before September 2014 should be renewed now. It is not necessary to wait for a passport to expire to renew it. Passports take six weeks to process. Therefore, students should apply for their passports by mid-January 2013 to be eligible to apply for Rome.

Other FAQ's :
Academic requirements: There are certain course prerequisites for Rome. Students were reminded of these requirements when they registered for their Spring courses.

Academic Course Prerequisites for Rome

ENG 1301. Literary Tradition I
PHI 1301. Philosophy and the Ethical Life

Strongly Recommended:
THE 1310. Understanding the Bible
ENG 1302. Literary Tradition II

There are also certain courses students should not take in Irving if they intend to go to Rome:


ENG 2311. Literary Tradition III* (can also be taken as Eng.3355 ST/Tragedy & Comedy if the student has appropriate AP credit)
HIS 2301. Western Civilization I
PHI 2323. Philosophy of Man*
THE 2311. Western Theological Tradition*

The minimum GPA to be considered for the Rome semester is 2.5. We look for students who can maintain this average while carrying a full 15-credit course load on the Irving Campus.

Costs: Tuition on the Rome and Irving campuses are the same, with room and board in Rome somewhat higher. Additional costs of the Rome semester relate to independent and faculty-led travel. For more information please visit You can visit this webpage by clicking on Rome program from the UD webpage, scroll down to Prospective Romers, and click on Costs and Fees.

Computers: There is not a computer lab in Rome per se. Students purchasing a computer for college should consider making it a laptop which can be brought to Rome.

Summer Rome: For students who find it difficult for financial, personal or academic reasons to incorporate a semester abroad in their undergraduate career, we also offer a six –week summer program. This year's program dates are May 27 – July 8, 2013. Students may attend the summer program any summer after their freshman year, in place of or in addition to a Rome semester. This program is also open to undergraduates attending a college other than UD!

Programs for High School Students and Adults in Rome and Irving. If your UD undergrad has siblings in high school who would like to "test-drive" a UD academic experience, or if you are interested in an adult Rome experience, the Rome and Summer Programs Office offers programs in Italy and Irving. Programs for Summer 2013 include (for high school students): Shakespeare in Italy; Latin in Rome; and Arete: A College Preparatory Program. The School of Ministry offers theology courses for adults on the Rome campus in the month of June.

For additional information about all aspects of the Rome program, please explore our website at, or phone or email us at the Irving Rome Office:

Rebecca Davies, Director

Jennifer Massicci, Coordinator

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