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Fall 2013 Closing Information for ALL Campus Residents

This is to remind all campus residents that the residence halls will close Saturday, December 21, at 10 a.m. All residents MUST be out of the halls by this time; absolutely no exceptions are possible. If you have a later travel time, you MUST make your own private arrangements to stay elsewhere off campus until then.

Due to previously publicized changes in the academic schedule this fall, the schedule for residents was also adjusted accordingly. This same information is also posted on the on the University of Dallas website.

Please see the specifics below for both departing and returning residents in halls or campus apartments.

RETURNING HALL RESIDENTS: Fall residents returning to Irving campus housing next spring are required to complete a self check-out form (per ROOM) upon departure from campus, which will include the below reminders. Each room is responsible for all items. Forms will be distributed by and are to be returned to your RA. Failure to comply will result in fines.

• Unplug computer, lamps and all other appliances from outlets.
• Empty, defrost and unplug mini fridge, if you have one.
• Take out all trash.
• Lock windows and lower blinds halfway.
• Turn off lights.
• Lock the door.

RETURNING APARTMENT RESIDENTS: Current campus apartment residents returning in the spring are free to come and go as needed during any portion of the holiday break. During any period when there is no one in the apartment, however, we ask that the thermostat be left no lower than 55 degrees to avoid potential issues with frozen pipes, should the weather become extreme during that period.

ALL CAMPUS RESIDENTS are advised to take valuables home. As stated in the details of your housing contract, the University of Dallas does not assume responsibility for the theft, loss, damage or destruction of personal property kept in any residential area. It is recommended that students insure their own personal property. All campus residents should also be aware that Facilities will be in each room and apartment over the holiday break to change the air filters. Please ensure that they have a clear path to access the units. This includes removal of any personal property or furniture currently blocking access.

DEPARTING RESIDENTS: Residents who are NOT returning in the spring (Romers, commuters, withdrawals, etc.) are required to complete the online check-out form appropriate to their residence and return any issued ID swipe cards or residential keys in a key return envelope, available from your Resident Assistant or the Office of Student Life. Be advised there is no storage available on campus, so you must remove all of your personal items and take them home with you. The last departing resident to move out of a hall room should prop open the door with a chair as a signal to staff that the room is ready to be checked and cleaned.

HALLS: The URL for the online check-out form for HALL residents is printed on the hall key return envelope and is also available here -

APARTMENTS: Campus apartment residents can find the check-out form online at -

In addition to checking out online, you must clean your room/apartment prior to departure to avoid additional fines. A list of the possible fines is available online at –

Additional notes regarding items checked by staff after residents move out are available from within the "Instructions" section of the check-out forms.

Interterm residents and authorized holiday break athletes will be sent an email with on-campus residence details at a later date.

Additional questions/concerns may be directed to the Office of Student Life at 972.721.5323.

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