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Dinner and Discourse

Each Tuesday at 3pm student workers from the Office of Campus Ministry begin the task of cooking dinner for their peers - home cooking from scratch! They are preparing food for our weekly Dinner and Discourse program in Anselm 230.  Dinner begins at 5:30pm and the Discourse follows at 6pm. The topics covered are focused on faith and morals and a question and  answer session follows each talk. Many times the speakers stay afterward to continue the discussion that began during the Discourse time frame.

This semester we have focused largely on the topic of vocation beginning with its context in Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body and continuing with a panel discussion presented by the five young Dominican novices who live at St. Albert the Great Priory here on the UD campus. For three weeks Cistercian priests from Our Lady of Dallas Abbey came to present their stories: one on how his love of art lead to his priestly vocation; one on his understanding of the spiritual importance of a liberal arts education and the last on his novitiate during the time of the Communist occupation of Hungary.

If your student is looking for a reminder of home (home cooking!) and an informal setting in which to consider ways to be a Catholic Christian in the world, then encourage them to attend Dinner and Discourse. There is always a banner in the Haggar Foyer and on the e-bulletin board and flyers on the Church doors that announce the topic. We hope to see some new faces before the semester ends!

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