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Home for the Holidays

When your student comes home during the Thanksgiving break, it will be a time of transition, as your student has enjoyed some newfound independence.  This can be challenging to reconcile when you are living under the same roof.  Here are some things to keep in mind as you all lovingly make this transition work:

Discuss, Don't Order
A student who has been living independently for the past few months will naturally balk if ordered to do something. Have discussions instead of mandates, so that there is some give and take, and you are both listening to one another.

Consider Compromise
Where can you compromise so that you and your student can meet in the middle?

Prepare for Difference
As your student learns new things and experiences new people, chances are that some personal views will change. Be prepared for your student to express different opinions and to discuss varied topics - it is all part of the learning curve.

Agree to Disagree
As you discuss new topics, you and your student may not always see eye to eye. This is not an issue of your student respecting you or not. It is more about testing newfound knowledge and interests. So, agree to disagree on certain topics and agree to listen to one another's different perspectives.  You will learn a good deal from one another!

Reintegrate into Family Life
The student who has been away for a while may need time to reintegrate back into family life. Sleep patterns may not be the same as everyone else's; participation in household chores may take some nudging; siblings will need to get used to one another again. Just be prepared that this reintegration won't happen automatically.

The Thanksgiving transition will be okay as long as you prepare for changes and remain open with your student. Talk through things, make your son or daughter feel welcome and realize that this Thanksgiving test run will make the Christmas break even better!

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