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Student Government Update

The senators of Student Government have kept busy this fall semester, working hard each week to address any issues that arise on campus and appease both the administration of UD as well as the entire community of students and faculty.

On top of hosting the popular weekly ice cream socials known as Sundae Sundays, gathering student's opinions at the "Student's Concerns Table," and working to better the relationship between faculty and students, Student Government has taken an active role in gathering student opinions on two hot topics on campus right now.

The administration of UD is looking into establishing certain "Smoking Zones" on campus which would provide designated areas for smoking in public areas. In addition to that, some of the men on campus have been working to bring a nation-wide, Catholic social fraternity onto campus known as Alpha Delta Gamma. Student government has worked tirelessly to gather student opinion and provide constructive suggestions to the university administration about these issues. Through town hall meetings and surveys SG has worked with students to represent their ideas and concerns to the University.

Both the fraternity and the smoking zones would be a great change to the students and campus life at UD and so Student Government has taken their time to make sure that correct information is being shared and enough time is being given to the students so that they are able to think about what changes they want to be brought to their school.

Other committees that have been working hard this year include: the Dining Relations Committee in which Student Government brings the concerns of students directly to the staff of Aramark; the Faculty Relations committee in which Student Government works with different academic departments to form better relationships between faculty and students; the Recycling Committee in which Student Government works to expand recycling opportunities throughout campus; and the Athletics Support Committee which works to better inform students of upcoming sports events and tries to get more student support at games.

Student Government continues to do what they can to address the concerns of the students and help the administration better serve the school. More information about Student Government can be found here, and contact information for the executive members can also be found online. Student Government is open to hear all opinions and suggestions from the entire UD community including students, faculty, parents, and alumni.

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