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Meet the Residence Coordinators

Joseph Aziz and Mitchell Pohl, Residence Coordinators, are the behind-the-scenes guys of Residence Life at UD. Their main job involves supporting the Resident Assistants and making their jobs as easy and fruitful as possible. Beyond that, Pohl and Aziz help keep the University of Dallas running smoothly. 

Pohl graduated from UD two years after working as an RA. He decided to stay on to get his MBA while working as a Residence Coordinator. Besides helping the RAs in West Hall, he also takes care of a lot of the judicial and maintenance aspects of Student Life.

"My job here is making sure residents are having a safe and enjoyable experience," says Pohl. rc

Like Pohl, Aziz is also in graduate school, pursuing his doctorate in philosophy. One of the things that attracted Aziz to UD was the opportunity to be involved with the First Year Program, a new program dedicated to helping freshmen adjust to college. In addition to being an RC, Aziz is also the Residence Hall Association (RHA) Advisor. RHA is a "student-led organization dedicated to bringing high-quality programming to the residents of the University of Dallas." An elected student assembly meets with Aziz weekly to plan the many campus-wide events which are hosted by RHA each year. During the Halloween Party, for example, each hall is decorated with a theme. Faculty and alumni bring their children to visit each dorm for trick-or-treating and crafts. RHA also plans Winter Cotillion, a yearly dance with traditional ballroom dancing and a live band. It is UD's most formal event.

This year, Aziz is especially focusing on bringing the RHA coordinators and the RAs together. This involves organizing programming and creating a cohesive calendar.

"My hope is that if student leaders are brought together, all of the students will be
brought together," says Aziz.

He encourages parents to visit the Student Life Facebook page to see what is going
on throughout the year.

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