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Freshman Retreat

As you enter into the rigorous college life at UD, it is easy to put God off to the side. Sure you go to Mass, and receive the Sacraments, but are you really living for God, or just going through the motions? The Freshman Retreat was a great way to bring your focus back to God and to remind you to always make time for Him. The retreat leaders gave inspirational talks on identity, prayer and relationships. They made you reflect on how prayer is a conversation with God, not just words you mumble whenever you need something, or on why you are who you are today. The relationship talk brought one to question how you are actually treating others, and to think of how Christ treated people. The retreat culminated in an amazing Mass, praise and worship, and the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

This retreat also brought about a stronger sense of community among the freshmen. During free time there were people swing dancing, playing football, or tossing around a Frisbee. We bonded over the time spent together praying, singing praise to God, and playing intense late night games of spoons and mafia. We returned to UD Sunday morning, not wanting to get back to school so soon, but more prepared to take on the burdens we face.

~Brandon Ashton
   Class of 2016

retreat team


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