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Tutoring Tips


Q: When should I seek tutoring?

A: Talk to a tutor early if you are having difficulty understanding lectures or course material, are falling behind in class or need help with your study skills. You can seek specific help from the tutor if you are preparing for homework assignments such as tests, lab reports or papers. Finally, if you have done poorly on tests, papers or homework, you can consult a tutor for assistance in determining what you might have missed and how you can do better next time.

Q: What do I need to bring to my tutoring session?

A: Come prepared as you would for class, which includes having your class notes, assignments or paper prompts, your books and any other materials that might be helpful.

Q: What do I do during the tutoring session?

A: Be ready with specific questions--a tutoring session isn't helpful if you simply say "I don't know what I'm doing wrong" without giving some specifics about what you do not understand. If the question is about an exam, assignment or paper start there and discuss what you might have missed or what you are supposed to be doing. If you feel that you are almost there, but would like reassurance from the tutor that you do understand the material, try teaching the tutor what you know and then have him/her correct you when you make a mistake.

Q: I really am not one of those students who needs tutoring. Why should I go to a tutor?

A: Seeking assistance is not a sign of weakness or failure--it shows that you understand your limitations and wish to clarify what you know. Start by looking at your assignments and what you have missed on them. If you are studying for a test, consider asking the tutor to quiz you on the possible questions or have her listen to you describe what you think is the major concept that you understand and see whether your knowledge is complete.

Q: I saw the tutor and he/she didn't help me. What do I do?

A: Sometimes you may not click with one tutor, so we recommend trying again with a different tutor to see if he/she works better with the material, your method of learning or the specific questions you are asking. Some tutors may be more/less familiar with your particular professor and a different tutor might have insight on how to understand a specific professor's teaching style or course material.

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