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Strategies for Success at UD

Did you know that the University of Dallas offers more than 350 hours of free academic support and tutoring to students? More importantly, does your student know? This support includes Sharon Oster in the Academic Success Office, Sheila Howard for College of Business students, the Writing Lab and numerous departmental tutors. All of these opportunities are free of charge to students, and available throughout the semester in a variety of fields. A schedule of the services is at this LINK.

These support services cannot help your students if they do not take the opportunity to seek them out. A word from you goes far in encouraging students to take advantage of these resources, and encourages them to see tutoring as a vital and important part of being successful. Just as success in the classroom is dependent upon a student's active engagement, a tutoring session requires the same commitment to the process in order to make a difference. Encourage your students to see the tutor just as they would meet their professors -- bring notes, relevant texts and any prompts or study guides that might be helpful -- and have a plan for the meeting with the tutor.

Academic support is most successful when everyone is involved - students, parents, faculty. We do our best at the University of Dallas to commit ourselves to creating a positive learning environment for our students. If your students seem to be lost or don't know where to start, have them start with my office, and I can make sure they get in touch with the right people to help make them successful.


Dr. Marcy Brown Marsden
Associate Dean, Constantin College
University of Dallas
972-721-5388 (dean office)
972-721-5245 (biology office)

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