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UD and Uber Partnership

Dear parents: I want to tell you about an amazing partnership that will greatly help your children and give you peace of mind. UD has recently partnered with UBER, a company that connects your student to car service via a mobile application. It's amazing! Here's a first-hand account of how Uber can help you and your student:

When we dropped my son Hayden off in St. Paul, my husband had driven up, leaving me and my two other kids to figure out a way to get from the airport to the St. Thomas campus. I downloaded the Uber app to my phone prior to leaving Dallas. Once I arrived in St. Paul, I hit the Uber app on my phone, and the app was able to identify my location for their nearest driver. After I had entered my origination point and destination, the driver called me to let me know his estimated time of arrival. Whey they called, the driver's picture and name was displayed on my phone! My driver pulled around within 5 minutes and we were off! Because I had entered my destination into my phone, the driver already had it entered into his GPS!

The car was in GREAT condition, and the driver was courteous and friendly. The best part? When I set up my account online before using the mobile application, I gave them my credit card to keep on file, so no money changed hands. When I was dropped off, a receipt was sent to my cell phone moments after I got out of the car with my kids!

Why am I telling you all this? Because this is an AWESOME tool for our students! This is a easy and modern way for our students to get to the airport during the holidays! I was so impressed with their service that I have set up an account for Hayden. I wanted him to have a way to see Minneapolis/St. Paul while he was at school without a car. If he ever found himself in a situation or place that he was not comfortable with, he would be able to discreetly get a ride home without bringing attention to himself, AND he wouldn't have to have money in his pocket!

This is a great tool, and one for which I am so thankful! Our Corporate and Foundation Relations Office has found the designated driver for my son if he ever needs one. This is a gift of peace for any parent that is far away! It's a priceless service!! -Jennifer Bowring, UD Development Officer and Relieved Parent

Uber is currently working with the university, providing in-kind sponsorship opportunities during Alumni and Family Weekend, Groundhog Weekend and the Annual Charity Golf Tournament, among other events. We are pleased to be working with Uber to provide opportunities for your children to have safe and expedient passage when they need it.

-Selena Anguiano, Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations, UD Advancement

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