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A Ministry of Empowering: UD’s Campus Ministry Team

"Our job is not to give you the answers. We don't have all the answers. Our job is to walk with you at this time of your life to help you in your spiritual life," says Scott Chuchla, Campus Minister, when explaining why students should become involved with UD's Campus Ministry.

"In college, students are going from doing laundry for the first time to applying for jobs." Scott enjoys the opportunity to walk with students and get to know them during this change-filled part of their lives. In his third year at UD, Scott also cherishes the relationships he has built with students.

UD's Campus Ministry position has offered Scott the ability to pursue his Masters degree while working in a field that he loves. He hopes to continue working in Church ministry once he finishes his Masters, helping others grow in their faith. Samantha Van Atta has recently joined the Campus Ministry Team.

Campus Ministry offers an array of programs and activities throughout the school year, from weekly Men and Women's groups and annual retreats to missionary work throughout the United States. As the 2013-2014 school year begins, Scott and Samantha prepare for some of the beginning of semester activities, like Hearts and Hammers and the Freshman Retreat.

"Hearts and Hammers is an opportunity at the beginning of the semester to reach out and help others in the local area," says Scott. Students have the opportunity to help elderly or disabled in the repair of the outside of their homes. This year, UD will be installing a hand railing for an elderly lady to help her get in and out of her house.

The Freshman Retreat (September 20-22) is a great resource to new students adjusting to the college life. The retreat not only offers students the opportunity to bond with classmates, but also offers them a chance to take a breath after the first three weeks of school and hear about taking care of themselves spiritually.

When asked which event was his favorite, Scott expressed his enthusiasm for Alternative Spring Break (ASB). "It's a blast. You get to spend an entire week with students. It's twelve hours crammed in a car with students...with the opportunity to really serve others."

Every year, a group of students travels to a different part of the country to help the poor and in need. This Spring Break (March 9 -15), students will travel to the mountains in northern Tennessee. Not only do they serve by helping in constructional projects, but also by seeking out the poor and ministering to their spiritual needs.

With its wide range of activities, Campus Ministry welcomes and encourages students to become involved in some way.

"We want to empower students to empower others," says Samantha.

Following up on why students should stop by the Campus Ministry Office during their four years at UD, Scott said, "You don't know everything. You change a lot from freshman to senior year. A lot...Our job is to help students be responsive to what God is forming them to do."

By Alexa Turczynski

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