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Tips for Student Success

Encourage your student to get involved!

Research indicates that students who are involved in campus activities make friends more quickly and feel a greater sense of satisfaction with their college experience than those who do not. Engaging in co-curricular activities also presents students with opportunities to enhance their leadership and time management skills, as well as their teamwork and decision-making abilities. 

Coach your student to get to know faculty and staff members.

Studies have shown that students who interact with their faculty or staff members outside of class feel more comfortable in their new environment and acclimate more quickly to college life, so encourage your student to take advantage of professors' office hours. Toward middle to late September, ask how many staff and instructors your student has visited during office hours.

Encourage your student to consider academic responsibilities to be a full-time job.

Developing sound time management and study skills is often challenging for new students. College course work requires students to complete a higher volume of work and be more self-directed in their studies outside of the classroom. Research suggests that students who commit to a 30-40 hour academic week (hours in class + hours studying) tend to achieve more academic success then peers who do not put forth appropriate study time.

Adapted from Mullendore, R.H., and Banahan, L. (2007). Empowering Parents of First-Year College Students: A Guide for Success. National Orientation Directors Association and the National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition, Columbia, South Carolina.

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