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Student Success Services - Spring 2014

Dear UD Parents,

We hope you have enjoyed a blessed holiday season with your children. Your daughters and sons should be able to access their grades for the fall semester online through BannerWeb by January 10. We hope they have achieved grades that reflect their academic potential. If you and your children do have concerns about improving their academic performance in the spring, we have a number of opportunities for them to polish their academic skills, especially for freshmen. Please consider discussing with them how they might take advantage of the many opportunities listed below which are available to any student looking to improve grades.

We offer one-credit courses to help students who may need a little extra preparation. The more comprehensive three-credit Seven Arts of Language Course is specifically intended to help our students who find themselves a little unprepared to deal with the heavy demands of our Core curriculum, especially in reading, analyzing and writing for humanities courses.

We also have a number of tutoring programs available regularly every semester in courses in both the humanities and the sciences, including business, chemistry, math, modern languages and physics, as well as peer tutoring in economics, history and philosophy.

We also encourage students to make use of our helpful Writing Lab, which offers individual, 30-minute tutoring sessions for UD students working on essays, regardless of the subject or the student's writing abilities. After each session, the tutor sends a Writing Lab Report to the professor who assigned the essay, summarizing the session and suggestions made for improvement. The Writing Lab is open Sunday-Friday, with appointments available as early as 10:00 a.m. and as late as 10:00 p.m. A tutoring session may be reserved by signing up for an appointment outside the Lab in Braniff 304. Walk-ins are also welcome as time allows.

We have further resources in our two very helpful student advisers: Ms. Sheila Howard, the Associate Director of Business Programs, who works with our undergraduate business majors, and Mrs. Sharon Oster, the Academic Success Adviser, who works with the rest of our undergraduate students. They are available to work with your children, and are well-equipped to work with students who are facing academic challenges.

1-Credit Courses to add to Regular Semester Load

GST (General Studies) 1110-01/02: Writing Principles. 1-credit course in prose style with emphasis on the grammar, syntax and punctuation of the English sentence.
GST 1112: Research and Study Skills. 1-credit course that lays the foundation for the acquisition of the different skills required by the courses in the Core: increasing organizational skills, learning how to better access campus resources and a better grasp on the rigors of being a successful UD student.

GST 1116 Major and Career Planning. 1-credit course for freshmen and sophomores who want to explore the opportunities available to them with various majors and careers. Class instruction encompasses: decision-making and goal-setting; self-assessment; connecting personal profile with majors and careers; evaluating graduate school for various professions; and exploring various career settings. This course is particularly helpful to "undeclared" students.

GST 1118-01/02 Public Speaking. 1-credit course in which basic speech development and presentation skills are presented and practiced. Included are impromptu speaking, identifying the different types of speeches, parts of a speech, getting and keeping the audience's attention and using sources.

GST 1120 The Art of Library Research. 1-credit course whose goal is to sharpen students' abilities to identify appropriate materials, whether print-based or digital, using the latest tools available. Topics include strategies for exact targeting of important scholarship or information, detailed introductions to subject-specific, as well as general databases, and instruction in the best use of the interlibrary loan service.

GST 1V40-01 Across the Core. A series of lectures and discussions by representatives of the different departments at UD, explaining that department's own goals and character, in relation to the undergraduate core as a whole.

3-Credit Course to Offer Substantial Aid to Students Challenged by the Demands of the UD Core

GST 1V45-01/02 Seven Arts of Language. 3-credit course designed to make the student more academically articulate. To that end, the seven arts of language are studied. The first three are the traditional arts of language: grammar, logic and rhetoric. Grammar is the study of language; logic, that of reasoning; rhetoric, that of communication. They provide the foundation for the next four, those arts crucial to advanced participation in academic life: reading and writing; listening and speaking. The Core curriculum presumes a very high level of articulate speech on the part of students who are asked to read, listen, write and speak a great deal. This course will help to elevate their critical thinking and communications skills, allowing them to enhance their development through the Core.

We are looking forward to a great academic year!


Dr. John Norris
Associate Provost


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