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The month of April is a time when the pace of semester escalates academically, socially, and personally. Students may be experiencing considerable stress and fatigue by this point in the semester. Encourage use of academic resources and wellness resources as final exams approach. The Academic Success Office and the fitness center serve as great resources.

Common Stressors

'Senioritis' sets in - students begin to wonder about life after UD

Pressure over getting everything done by the end of the semester

Decision and direction over summer jobs or internships

Questions to Ask

What would you like to accomplish this summer?

Do you need to take a summer class/internship to stay on track?

How will you have fun this summer?

What have you learned thus far from your college experience?

Ways to Help

Have your student work with the Career Services Office to find a summer job or internship.

Remind your student about all the campus resources available.

Encourage students to take a summer course to either catch up or lighten the load next year.

Be supportive in your student's decisions.

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