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With the end of the semester approaching students may experience difficulty balancing academics and extra-curricular activities. The stress of final exams can be overwhelming, especially for first-year students who may not know what to expect. Returning home after months of independence can be a challenging time for both students and parents. Discuss your expectations before your student arrives home.

Common Stressors

Anxiety, fear, and guilt increase as final exams approach

Extra-curricular time strain - seasonal parties, service projects, end of semester club activities, hanging out with college friends before heading home for the winter break

Possible financial strain because of Christmas gifts, travel costs, etc

Anxiety about returning home may creep in

Questions to Ask

Are you getting enough sleep?

What are your plans for the break?

What would you do differently in the spring based on your experiences in the fall?

Ways to Help

Send a care package

Encourage your student to engage in stress reducing activities like exercising or attending the Midnight Breakfast

Include your student in plans for holiday events and activities

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