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The beginning of the spring semester may be influenced by how well the winter break went for your student. The break can be joyful as students get to reconnect and spend time with family and friends; however, starting classes after having a break for several weeks can be difficult. Your student may be disappointed in his or her fall semester grades. Help students get on the right track by reviewing their spring schedule, dusting off their books, and making plans for the spring semester.

Common Stressors

Post Christmas depression may begin to set in

Anxiety about leaving the security of home and heading back to college

Attention span somewhat diminished; do not have same energy and focus for academics as in the fall; some students stress over course load and drop a class

Questions to ask

What does your schedule look like for the spring semester?

What challenges and successes do you expect this semester?

What extra-curricular activities do you plan on doing?

How is your relationship with your roommate since you returned?

Ways to help

Be supportive! College classes are more challenging than high school and students appreciate knowing that you are there for support and encouragement.

Acknowledge that your son or daughter may be apprehensive about returning to college. Provide encouragement about the experiences he or she will encounter.

Encourage your student to take a renewed look at the new classes and classmates as opportunities for new connections and improved academic performance.

Remind students about the many campus resources available.

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