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Even though midterms are finished, students still feel academic pressure continuing to build due to procrastination, difficulty of assigned work, or even the perceived lack of ability. Deadlines for major projects and papers approach with the end of the semester coming in December. Fatigue and stress can lower a student's ability to fight off illnesses.

Common Stressors

Academic pressure continues to mount

Pressure about plans for Thanksgiving - anxiety about being home for the first time this academic year

Depression and anxiety increase due to feelings that one should have adjusted to college life by now

Questions may arise about even returning to UD for the spring semester

Both class registration and housing registration take place this month - students may be frustrated over not getting the classes they want or need

Questions to Ask

What class has been the most interesting to you?

What activities do you enjoy on campus?

What does a typical day look like for you?

How do you feel you have changed since starting college?

Ways to Help

Help students identify primary goals by challenging them to determine short and long term goals

Continue to encourage your student to visit professors, particularly if he or she is struggling

Remind your student to make wellness a priority by eating right, exercising and getting plenty of sleep

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