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Whether your student is energized by all the opportunities for involvement, or overwhelmed and homesick, there are numerous resources on campus available to help. Offer your support though phone calls, texts, email, and campus visits. As you and your student experience change and experience this next phase of life, it is important to celebrate accomplishments and acknowledge opportunities for growth.

Common Stressors

Homesickness - especially for the freshman

Students feel depressed because of real or perceived restrictive policies and regulations at the college

Roommate differences

Feelings of inadequacy and inferiority develop because of the differences between high school status and grades and initial college performance: harder work, longer hours/study skills need development, reading level heavy, syllabi shock syndrome, etc.

Social adjustment

Students bring problems from summer (family, relationships, ways of coping, etc) into the new academic year

Questions to Ask

Have you gotten involved on campus or attended any interesting programs?

What has been the biggest challenge?

Has this transition differed from what you expected?

Ways to Help

Plan to visit your student during the fall semester.

If your student is living in a residence hall, encourage him or her to stay on campus during the weekend.

If your student is commuting, challenge him or her to get involved on campus.

If your student encounters a problem, suggest that he or she take advantage of one of our campus resources.

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