The Rome Experience

Unlike most study-abroad programs; the Rome Program offers students an opportunity to experience firsthand the roots of our faith and culture. It is a decisive factor in shaping the intellectual, personal, and spiritual growth of students.

Rome Campus

The Rome Campus

The Eugene Constantin Rome Campus is located in Due Santi, a historic district south of Rome.

Prospective Romers

Sophomore Rome Program

Where UD's Core Curriculum comes together.

high school

High School Summer Programs

For over twenty years we have provided mature high school students with summer and study abroad opportunities modeled after our signature Rome Program.

UG Summer Program

Undergraduate Summer Program

Designed as an attractive alternative and/or supplement to the fall and spring semester programs, and as an opportunity for undergraduates from other institutions to experience UD's Rome Program.

St. Peter's

Adult Summer Programs

Study tours for adults, teachers, graduate students and families.

Events & Dates
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