September 27 - October 6: FL13 Greece Trip

FL13 Greece TripThe Fall 2013 Romers woke bright and early (5:30am!) on September 27th to board the buses for the start of the Greece trip. Along with their professors and chaplain: Dr. Hatlie (History), Dr. Freni (Art & Architecture), Dr. Tullius (Philosophy), Dr. Osborn (Literature), and Fr. Luke, the students spent ten days exploring Greece, immersing themselves in its rich history and beautiful temples, pondering its great philosophies, and performing scenes from the great Greek tragedies. The Greece trip is a wonderful opportunity that allows the UD students expand their understanding of the classical cultures they study in so many of their Core Curriculum Courses.

Fall 2013 Itinerary

Sept. 27th – After an early wake up call, the students set sail for Greece on board the Superfast Ferry leaving from Ancona, Italy.
Sept. 28th – We arrived in Greece at the port of Patras and boarded buses headed to the ancient site of Delphi, with a brief stop along the way to swim at Covino Beach in the Gulf of Corinth.
Sept. 29th – In the morning, students visited the archaeological site of Delphi. In the afternoon, some took advantage of an optional hike up Mt. Parnassas, led by Dr. Andrew Osborn and Anthony Seiler.
Sept. 30th – The next morning, it was off to Athens. Along the way we stopped at the Monastery of Hosios Loukas. The monastery is known for its Byzantine architecture and art, as well as its Greek honey and hand-painted icons. After settling into our hotel in Athens the students listened to lectures given on top of the Pnyx, Socrates' Prison, and the Areopagus.
Oct. 1st – The day started with a spectacular tour of the Agora and the Acropolis. Then the students were on their own to explore the bustling Plaka and surrounding environs of Athens.
Oct. 2nd – We left Athens for the beautiful beachside town of Nafplion. Along the way we stopped at the ancient historical site of Corinth, where Father Luke Millette gave a reflection on the journey of St. Paul. After the rigorous schedule of lectures and site visits, Nafplion was a welcome change. The students swam in the Mediterranean, strolled the promenade, ate gyros, and explored the ancient Venetian fortress overlooking the town.
Oct. 3rd – More site visits! Students visited the healing site of Epidaurus and experienced the incredible acoustics of the best preserved theater from the ancient world. That afternoon, the students traveled by bus to the incredible hilltop city of Mycenae, home of Agammenon.
Oct. 4th – From Nafplion it was on to our last stop, the town of Olympia, and an evening of Greek dancing.
Oct. 5th – The students visited the ancient site of the Olympics games, saw the ruins of the temple that housed the chryselephantine statue of Zeus (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World), and ran a foot race in the original Olympic Stadium. Following the site visit we headed to the port of Patras. After a brief stop at the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Andrew, we boarded the boat for home.
Oct. 6th – Sunday was a long day on the boat, followed by a bus ride back to campus, but everyone was in good spirits after a wonderful trip.

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