September 6-8: Fall 2013 Campania Trip

FL13 MontecassinoAlmost 2500 years ago, the Ancient Romans left their city by the Tiber to explore and ultimately conquer the rich farmlands and bustling ports of the southern area of Italy, known today as Campania. Over the weekend, the Fall 2013 Rome class ventured off to discover Campania for themselves as part of an educational trip that took them to the famous Benedictine Abbey of Monte Cassino, the great and historic cities of Paestum and Pompeii, and the luxurious Amalfi Coast. Led by professors Peter Hatlie, Andrew Osborn, Marianne Seigmund, Giovanni Freni, and William Tullius, students learned about the rule of St. Benedict, stood before the splendid temples of Paestum, and walked the haunting streets of Pompeii. Stories of the escapades of Odysseus and the drama of Mount Vesuvius' brought to life the history of these sites. The highlight of the weekend was the day spent in the Italian coastal towns of Amalfi and Positano where students swam, ate gelato, and soaked up the beauty of Italy's southern shore.

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