Fall 2014 Rome Scavenger Hunt, Dinner in Castelli

Learning Public TransportationIn between classes and trips to the Post Office to obtain "permission to stay" paperwork, students continue orientation for their Rome semester! Still in their first week in the Eternal City, students were shown how to make their own way to Rome using public transportation and, once they arrived at St. John Lateran's Basilica, were challenged to complete a Scavenger Hunt! Given only two hours, students competed to find the most sites including historic monuments, major points of interest, and normal aspects of Italian life. Exhausted from their trek around the city, the students were then bussed back to the Castelli for a dinner at Ristorante da Agnese on Lake Albano, experiencing Italian "fast food," including roast pork, grilled local vegetables, buffalo mozzarella, rustic sausages and cheeses, pizza, and of course, Tiramisu!

Dinner in Castelli

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