Roman Forum and Colosseum Site Visit

ForumThe second Art and Architecture site visit brought the students to the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. Though many sculptures, temples, and triumphal arches from Ancient Rome have been lost in history, there still remain a significant number of these constructions in the heart of the modern city. Touring such places allows the students to gain a true sense of what life was like in the very heart of one of the world's greatest civilizations.

The Spring 2013 class could not have had a more beautiful day to explore such an amazing place. Their morning began in the Forum near the Temple to Deified Julius Caesar where Kate McLain, Theresa Sawczyn, Anthony Kersting, and Greg Pimentel recited Marc Antony's funeral oration from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. The students were then led on tours through the Forum by UD Rome professors Dr. Hatlie and Dr. Lisot. They learned of the functions of buildings like the Temple of Vesta, the Senate House, and the Rostra or Speaker's Platform, and enjoyed the reliefs on two triumphal arches.

ColosseumAfter a quick lunch the students gathered at the Colosseum to hear about the exploits of gladiators, the suffering of Christian martyrs, and the negative response of Stoic philosophers to these bloody games.

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