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Participation in the Rome program is a privilege, not a right. Students are accepted to the Rome program at the discretion of the University. Considerations for this acceptance include the parameters discussed below.

Academic Requirements

The Rome Program exists in large part to help deepen the students' un­derstanding of issues raised in the Core Curriculum, so it is important that applicants have made appropriate progress in their Core Courses.

Minimum requirements for attending the Rome Program include: sophomore standing at the commencement of the Rome semester; at least one full-time semester spent on the main campus prior to participation (including the semester immediately preceding Rome participation); successful completion of Literary Tradition I and Philosophy and the Ethical Life; preferable completion of Literary Tradition II and Understanding the Bible; preferably a cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.5; and good academic standing at the University of Dallas.

Since the academic program of the Rome Semester is heavily weighted in the direction of courses that stress careful reading, cogent writing, and the disciplines of history, literature, and philosophy, applicants who are weak in these areas may be required to wait until their records demonstrate competence.  Preference is given to students who have demonstrated the ability to succeed academically while carrying a full five-course (15 hour) load in Irving.

Academic achievement the semester before Rome is especially important in determining eligibility. Students on academic probation and students with incompletes are automatically excluded from participation in the Rome Program.

Health and Discipline Requirements

Considerations for Students with Medical Conditions (This meeting handout is a brief outline of the health clearance process. Please consider these factors in your decision to apply for the Rome Program.)

Housing and Student Life: Student health and discipline records are evaluated by the Rome Office Director, in cooperation with the Office of Student Life, for the health and maturity necessary to meet the challenges of close community life, demanding schedules, and independent travel. As this is a community of traditional full-time residential undergraduates, students who do not meet this profile may find that the living facilities cannot meet their residential needs and that the campus life, sched­ule, and structure will not be appropriate to their social needs. The program is not suited for married students, students with families, or students accustomed to living as independent self-supporting adults. Careful scrutiny will be given to students who for health reasons do not live on the Irving campus for two reasons: 1) the same health concerns which prevent living on the Irving campus may also affect a student's ability to live on the Rome campus; 2) we are less able to evaluate students' ability to live in community if they are not in residence in Irving.

Take Note

Failure to inform and update the Rome Office regarding health, discipline, or academic status may result in denial of admission to or dismissal from the program. Clearance to go to Rome can be revoked at the discretion of the Rome Office Director. Those denied acceptance for failure to meet admissions criteria or for any other reason may appeal to the Rome Committee and the Dean of Constantin College.

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