Hatlie Lectures

Fall 2015 Rome Documents

Rome Information Forms

A due date list, important information regarding flights and a list of Rome course offerings.

Student Assistant Application and paper Registration Materials

SA applications and recommendations are due April 10. Registration forms are due April 17. 

Online Forms

Online registration materials are due April 17. Students waiving the group flight must submit a flight itinerary for approval with their waiver request.  

Insurance Information

Brochures and a comparison sheet of different insurance options for semester Romers.

Visa Materials

Affidavits for parents to complete, visa application and instructions for completing. Items due April 17.

Health Materials

Supplemental health paperwork needed for Rome Clearance due July 29. Students will be informed if supplemental paperwork is required. All students must submit Medical Update form by June 15.

Final Packet Materials

A booklet that explains how to prepare for the Rome semester, a student handbook, semester calendar and directions to campus. Please note that textbooks are provided on campus for all courses with the exception of Italian. NOTE: Textbook information is provided for students who want to read in advance. But textbooks are provided on the Rome campus so it is not necessary to purchase these textbooks. 

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