The classes on the Rome campus are designed both to fit smoothly into the program required of all students and to take full advantage of the unique setting in which they are taught. Taught primarily by University of Dallas professors, the courses are selected from those core curriculum requirements which are closely concerned with the philosophical, theological, political, literary and artistic development of Western Civilization.

All Rome students are required to register for the five three-credit core courses listed below for a total of 15 credits. Students with advanced placement for English 2311 register for ENG 3355 ST/Tragedy & Comedy. Students in Rome may also register for an additional one or two one-credit pass fail options for a total of 16 or 17 credits.

Since course offerings on the Rome campus are limited, freshman and sophomore year programs must be arranged carefully, saving the Rome core courses for Rome. Please be advised that taking one of the Rome courses prior to Rome may result in a student's being disqualified to attend Rome.

Students requesting a waiver of these registration requirements for any reason, including planning to register for Italian in Rome, must obtain prior approval of the Dean of Constantin College.  

Course Offerings

Core Courses

ENG 2311 The Literary Tradition III (can be taken as ENG 3355 ST/Tragedy & Comedy) (Prerequisite: The Literary Tradition I, ENG 1301; Strongly Recommended Prerequisite: The Literary Tradition II, ENG 1302)

HIS 2301 Western Civilization I

PHI 2323 The Human Person (Prerequisite: Philosophy and the Ethical Life, PHI 1301)

THE 2311 Western Theological Tradition (Recommended Prerequisite: Understanding the Bible, THE 1310)

ART 2311 Art & Architecture of Rome

Additional Course Offerings (May Vary)

MIT 2411/2412 Intermediate Italian I (Fall) and II (Spring) (3 credits)

MIT 1302 Elementary Italian II (Spring) (3 credits)

MIT 1101 Italian Culture & Conversation, or Survival Italian (1 credit pass/fail)

GST 3165 People and Places of the European Past (1 credit pass/fail)

GST 1106 Marino School Volunteer Project (1 credit pass/fail)

Course Order Note

Western Civilization II may be taken on the Irving campus before Western Civilization I, and Literary Tradition IV may be taken before Literary Tradition III. Intermediate Greek is offered occasionally, but only in the spring semester.

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