Orientation Process

Orientation Meetings 

Orientation meetings are held every semester for each Rome class. Meeting for fall Romers are held in the spring and for spring Romers in the fall. These meetings are meant to prepare the students before they depart. At the end of the semester a farewell reception is held to celebrate the departure of the Rome class. 

Meeting Topic Date Time Location
Orientation Mar. 23, 2017 6:30 pm Art History 
Registration Apr. 3, 2017 6:30 pm Gorman A
Farewell Reception May 2, 2017 5:00 pm Haggar Dining Room 

Italian Culture Workshops

Advanced Italian students present on several topics throughout the semester to introduce each Rome class to different aspects of Italian Culture. Rome students must attend two out of the four workshops offered each semester. 

Workshop Date Time Location
Basilicata Coast-to-Coast: Travel Within and Without Italy Mar. 21, 2017 4:00 pm Gorman A
La grande bellezza: Italians, Party Culture, and Alcohol Mar. 28, 2017 5:00 pm Gorman A
Blow-up: Italian Fashion and Dress Mar. 30, 2017 4:00 pm Gorman A
Going Out in Italy: How to Avoid Brutta Figura Apr. 18, 2017 5:30 pm Gorman A

Important Dates

Throughout the semester students will be submitting a number of items to the Rome Office in order to obtain flight itineraries, visas and register for classes. It is extremely important to meet all deadlines. Missing deadlines can jeopardize a students' Rome status. Students planning on attending Rome next semester will need to submit the following items per the schedule below. 

Date Items Due
3/29/17 Student Assistant application and recommendation as well as scholarship applications
4/12/17 Flight forms, Rome fee, affidavit of financial support, visa application, actual passport, 2 passport size photos, registration, counseling, FERPA release, roommate form, reception RSVP and address form
4/21/17 Own arrangements purchased itinerary
6/14/17 Group flight airfare payment and medical update form
7/26/17 Business, library and Rome clearance including copies of prescription receipts and doctor clearance forms if applicable

Review the checklist. Be sure to meet the deadlines!

Submit your flight form.

The University of Dallas Rome Program has arranged a group flight on Delta, organized by Travel Leaders. Students will rendezvous in Atlanta on flights from their hometown airports, which will be arranged by the Rome Office from the information you provide on your flight form and will be calculated into the cost of your ticket. 

Students with a good reason for not flying with the group may request a waiver of the group flight requirement. A complete waiver requires submission of the waiver form along with a copy of the student’s tentative itinerary with complete flight information and travel details.

Don't forget to review these flight facts

Apply for a student visa. 

All students studying in Italy for an extended period of time must apply for a student visa. The visa application and affidavit of financial support must be submitted to the Rome Office on April 12 along with student's actual passports, passport photos and flight itineraries. Questions? Follow these instructions

Register for Rome. 

Students registering for the Rome semester must follow the registration guidelines included in their registration meeting packet. All registration forms including online registration for courses are due April 12. Registration forms include:

Submit your health paperwork. 

Supplemental health paperwork needed for Rome Clearance is due July 26. Students will be informed if supplemental paperwork is required. All students must submit the Medical Information form by June 14.

Take care of your Rome Clearance. 

Students must be clear with all offices on campus before they depart for Rome. The clearance date for Rome is set earlier than the regular Irving clearance date. Students are encouraged to begin working on their clearance as soon as they are able to make sure everything is taken care. Students not clear by the July 26 deadline may be assessed a $500 late fine.  

  • Business Office clear - Rome bill must be paid in full or a payment plan must be set up. All aid and additional loans must be approved and applied to a student's account to be cleared. 
  • Health clear - all doctor clearance forms and prescription receipts must be submitted to office. 
  • Library clear - all fines must be paid 


Buon Giorno, Roma!

Buon Giorno, Roma!

Our high school study abroad programs arrived in the eternal city on July 10 and hit the ground running with a visit to Castel Gandolfo, the pope's summer residence.

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