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Resource Spotlights

Several of our exhibitors have exciting resources to offer the conference participants and they want to tell you about them! This year, each Resource Spotlight attendee will receive a resource sample or give-away from the presenting company! Come join us to hear about various software solutions, Catholic faith formation programs, fundraising options, and much more!

If you are interested in providing a resource spotlight at the 2014 UDMC, visit our Exhibit page.

Resource Spotlight Schedule

Presenting Company

Resource Title & Description


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24 // 12:15 - 12:45 pm (During Period 06)

Helping Young Adults Fall in Love with the Bible

The Message: Catholic/Ecumenical Edition is a new, paraphrasal translation of the entire Catholic canon of the Bible. It has proven very popular among young adults who have not yet fallen in love with the Scriptures. ACTA Publications has put together a 45-minute script called "Hallelujah! The Message Proclaimed" that can be performed by four young adults and one musician in a variety of venues. A couple of scenes will be performed by one of ACTA's young adult staff people.

Give Away: The complete script of "Hallelujah! The Message Proclaimed"

 MR 2
Superkids by Rowland Reading Foundation
Superkids Builds Super Readers! Getting all Children Reading By Grade 3

Superkids is a program for beginning readers that looks like no other and works like no other, with a cast of characters that children love. Built on scientific research, it integrates reading with all the language arts and combines rigor and fun to deliver on its promise. Join us for this brief overview of the entire K-2 program published by Rowland Reading Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted solely to primary reading.

Give Away: Superkids Books and a Superkids Tape Dispenser

MR 5
School Speak
How to smoothly transition to Standards-Based Grading and Reporting

The lessons learned and techniques used to implement Standards-Based Grading and Reporting in various Catholic Dioceses' Elementary and Middle Schools throughout the United States will be presented. Attendees will leave with an understanding of all the various facets of implementing Standards-Based Grading and Reporting and the tools they need to develop their "Transition Action Plan". Actual Common Core adjusted Standards and Report Card templates will be provided to each attendee.

Give Away: Entrance into a raffle for a 32" Emerson LED HD TV

MR 1

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24 // 1:30 - 2:00 pm (During Period 07)

Cross Catholic Outreach
Radical Love Through Tangible Works of Mercy

Inspired by a vision that Catholic youth can change the world, Cross Catholic Outreach is calling the next generation of Catholics to stand in solidarity with the poorest of poor and begin a movement that will inflame the hearts of youth across the United States to demonstrate Christ's radical love through tangible acts of mercy and charity. More than ever, our youth need to experience the real power of their Catholic faith.

Give Away: Entrance into a raffle for a teacher's luggage cart on wheels

MR 2
Our Sunday Visitor
Engaging Families, Creating Disciples

Come hear about the plethora of new products, programs, and series being released by Our Sunday Visitor this fall including: the exclusive preparatory catechism for the World Meeting of Families; the release of Vivos en Cristo, the bilingual edition of Alive in Christ; Hosffman Ospino's results of his Hispanic ministry study; and many new products specific to helping families grow in faith and discipleship!

Give Away: "Love is Our Mission" book

MR 1
SHALOM WORLD A New Catholic Television Channel from Texas!

SHALOM WORLD is a 24/7 Catholic commercial-free, high-definition channel broadcasting worldwide. This family channel features programs which communicate the truth, goodness, and beauty of life with Christ. Complementing this new channel is "Shalom Tidings" - a Catholic magazine which serves as an excellent source for those who long to learn more about the forgiving love of Jesus Christ and who seek to know more about our Christian faith.

Give Away: SHALOM WORLD television brochure and "Shalom Tidings" magazine

MR 5

Presenting Company

Resource Title & Description


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25 // 11:45 - 12:15 pm (During Lunch)

Catholic Charities of Dallas
 Empowerment through Education

An overview of exciting new programs at Catholic Charities of Dallas. In accordance with principles of Catholic Social Teaching, we provide education and employment training to Dallas's poor and vulnerable. At the Santa Clara Regional Community Center, our School Readiness programs, STEM education, adult ESL classes, athletic programs, and senior activities create a safe, enriching environment for families in West Dallas.

Give Away: Catholic Charities t-shirt and prize pack

 MR 3
Global BANK Academy
Crack The Personality Code & Take It To The B.A.N.K.

The B.A.N.K. Personality Training System is a revolutionary program designed to increase your influence & communication up to 300%. Experts have determined that there are four major personality types, each requiring a unique script or code. We have named these four types B.A.N.K. — Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, Knowledge. Most professionals attempt to communicate using only one code, based on their OWN personality type. By default, they fail to decipher the code of their target audience, and thus do not tailor their presentation effectively. If you don't know the code, you won't have success on the influence road! B.A.N.K. will give you the tools & trainings you need to profile your audience, determine their B.A.N.K. Codes, increase your influence & communication, connect faster & easier with your audience, improve your relationships, and deliver powerful presentations!

Give Away: B.A.N.K. Sheet -- This is a resource sheet/ give-away that allows the attendees to follow the presentation, get the core message, & have an understanding of the available B.A.N.K.  tools and trainings!

MR 8
Kerygma Texas
Mission Trips for Catholic Youth and Young Adults

Designed around the particular needs of your parish, diocese, school, or specific groups, these trips range from inner city street evangelism to foreign outreach. These are not just service projects and work camps! Each one is also designed to teach and train participants in intentional discipleship and sharing the gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ. To Know God and Make Him Known.

Give Away: Kerygma Texas click pen

MR 6
RECLAIM Sexual Health
Hope, Help & Healing - Online Pornography Recovery

Hope, help and healing from pornography or other sexual sins are made possible using the "RECLAIM Sexual Health" online recovery program.

Give Away: "Fighting For Your Marriage" booklet

MR 9

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25 // 12:00 - 12:30 pm (During Lunch)

Catholic Charities of Fort Worth
Ending Poverty

Overview of Catholic Charities Fort Worth mission and programs, the values of CCFW rooted in Catholic Social Teaching, and how individuals may be involved through volunteering, donating and buying WORN items at the booth.

Give Away: Entrance into a raffle for a purple WORN scarf (valued at $68!)

MR 5
Verbum Bible Software, Division of Logos
Pope Francis is Calling for Better Homilies, Verbum will Revitalize your Homilies in Less Time

Verbum creates unparalleled digital tools for studying the Faith. We start with a library of key doctrinal and catechetical texts, then add tools that dynamically present you with the best scholarly exposition of the passage or topic you're researching. Our Clergy Products will revitalize homily preparation as well as your life-long spiritual development. It is the perfect tool for Priests, Deacons, Seminarians, Professors, and Catechists!

Give Away: Verbum Catechism Software Package -- complete with Verbum Software and 9 digital resources

 MR 1
Communities of Prayer
ENCOUNTER the Gospel 

In this resource spotlight, Communities of Prayer will present their "Encounter the Gospel" guide, which gives groups and parishes a tool to use Lectio Divina to meditate on the Gospel and encourage fruitful discussions and dialogue. In our busy world, we often forget to stop and ask God questions. This resource encourages participants to engage in a dynamic dialogue with the Creator, so that we can more fully live out His Word.

Give Away: Encounter Guide (50 pg book - $15 value) and Encounter Small Group Training DVD ($20 value) for starting an Encounter Group at a Parish

MR 2
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