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What others say about Dr. Hibbs

“As founding dean of Baylor University’s Honors College, Dr. Hibbs has been a passionate, consistent and effective advocate for the great good of a Christian university in service to the church universal.

Under the thoughtful servant leadership of Dean Hibbs, the Honors College has become the crown jewel of Baylor University and the exemplar of Baylor’s distinctive Christian mission. The Baylor family will miss Tom’s visionary leadership, and his commitment to the faculty and students of the Honors College, immensely.”

— Joe Armes
Chairman and CEO, CSW Industrials
Baylor alumnus, former member of BU Board of Regents, and chair of the Honors College Advisory Council

"I can’t think of a better person to lead the University of Dallas as its new president.

Tom has spent a career cultivating the life of the mind not only in himself, but also in the lives of the students and colleagues around him. He is a gifted scholar, teacher, communicator and leader, who is equally at home in the classroom, the boardroom, the dining hall and the study. He not only enjoys engaging with students, faculty, administrators and alumni, but he is incredibly engaging with them. He knows and loves the University of Dallas, and he will bring great vision, leadership and energy to his new role."

— Victor Boutros
CEO, The Human Trafficking Institute
Baylor alumnus

“Dean Thomas Hibbs has built the Baylor Honors College from the ground up over the past 15 years.

As the founding dean of the college, he has recruited faculty from around the country, all of whom are deeply committed to the project of Christian higher education and liberal learning. He has been a superb spokesman for our cause at Baylor and around the country.

“Perhaps most impressive of all is his ability to interact with his colleagues humbly, and with Christian charity. It’s an understatement to say that the past 15 years at Baylor have been turbulent. But Dean Hibbs has worked closely with every single provost and president we’ve had over these years, and he’s done so successfully across the board. While many other administrators have come and gone, he has been a constant — someone who is quietly committed to doing the work of our institution. He doesn’t ask for praise or admiration (though he rightly receives both). I know that the University of Dallas will thrive under his leadership, and he’ll be sorely missed at Baylor.”

— Elizabeth Corey, Ph.D.,
Director, Baylor Honors Program
Associate Professor of Political Science, Honors College, Baylor University

“I congratulate the university on the excellent choice of Dr. Tom Hibbs as the new president of a learning institution I am indebted to and love.

I have known Tom Hibbs since our undergraduate days at the University of Dallas. We laughed a lot, we studied a lot, read a great many books, argued and agreed a lot about what we read. Did I mention we laughed a lot? The Tom Hibbs I knew then and the Dr. Hibbs I have known over the years brings a deep commitment to a multifaceted pursuit of truth and an abiding joy in the contemplation of truth’s beauty. I think I learned from him that a sound Catholic education includes an energetic, rigorous formation of the mind: You have to read both books and life deeply. And a Catholic education also involves an ability to lay the book down and the worries aside, and simply behold what is beyond and can only be seen in glimmer: There is rest for the soul even if we do not yet see clearly.”

— Bishop Daniel E. Flores, BA ’83 MDiv ’87
Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Brownsville, Texas

“Tom Hibbs is a visionary and collaborative leader, a brilliant scholar and teacher, and a person deeply committed to Christian higher education.

He will weave these gifts together, along with his Catholic imagination and love for his alma mater, as president in service to an extraordinarily bright future for UD. A terrific choice!”

— L. Gregory Jones
Dean, Duke Divinity School
Former Executive Vice President and Provost, Baylor University