Transfer Credit Acceptance Policy

Transfer Credit Acceptance Policy

Constantin College

Transferred credit must be applicable to current University of Dallas degree programs. Credits transferred from a junior college shall not exceed 60 credits.

Students currently matriculated in an undergraduate degree program may not transfer credit from a course taken at another college or university unless they obtain written permission from the offering department on this campus prior to enrolling in the course. To request transfer approval, students must complete a Transfer Credit Request Form from the Office of the Registrar and submit it, along with the catalog description and/or course syllabus of the proposed course, to the relevant department chair for the approval signature. Students must then return the signed form to the Office of the Registrar prior to enrolling in the course. Grades earned at other institutions are not averaged with grades at the University except when the student is being considered for graduation with honors. Credit is not transferred without approval.

Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts

Credits are transferable only from accredited institutions and must have been taken within the six years prior to acceptance in the program. Transfer of graduate credits earned at other institutions is not automatic. Some programs with special curricula rarely approve transfer petitions. Only courses with a grade of "B" (3.0) or better may be considered for transfer. When petitions are honored, no more than nine hours may be transferred into a Master's program. No more than 12 credit hours may be transferred into the doctoral program. Students who have already entered a Master's program at the University must get prior approval from the Graduate Dean before taking courses at another institution for transfer of credits. Those who have earned graduate credits as "special" students in the Braniff Graduate School and who later apply for degree status in one of the graduate programs may count only nine of these hours toward their graduate degree. Art students may not count courses taken as special students toward the MA/MFA degrees.

In a program requiring one year of course work (24 credits, not counting the thesis or its equivalents) the transfer petition should be made before pre-registering for the second semester. In programs of a longer duration, the petition may be made any time after one full-time semester at the University or after completing nine credit hours, whichever comes first. With transfer credit and special arrangements all Master's students must still take a minimum of 12 credit hours on campus. The request for transfer credit should be made to the program director and requires the approval of the Graduate Dean.

Ann & Joe O. Neuhoff School of Ministry

Upon approval of the Dean, a maximum of nine graduate credits can be transferred from similar programs at regionally accredited institutions. At the time of application the student must petition the Dean for the transfer of credit and supply the proper documentation and description of the courses for which credit is sought. For those in the Catholic School Teaching program, twelve credits may be transferred.

Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business

A waiver is granted for prerequisite courses when the student has taken at least 3 credit hours (with a grade of B- or better) at the undergraduate level OR at least 1.5 credit hours (with a grade of B or better) at the graduate level that are substantially similar in content to one current 1.5 credit hour GSM course. ECON 5F70 and TECH 5F70 require 6 credit hours (with a grade of B- or better) at the undergraduate level OR at least 3.0 semester hours (with a grade of B or better) at the graduate level that are substantially similar in content to ECON 5F70 and TECH 5F70.

A transfer is granted for Value Creation courses when taken as part of an accredited MBA program. Courses must be at least 3 credit hours (with a grade of B or better), must not be foundation level courses, and must be substantially similar in content to one current GSM course. A transfer is granted for an elective course when the student has taken at least 3 credit hours (with a grade of B or better) at the graduate level that are substantially similar in content to one current GSM course.

All transfers must have been completed in the last seven years. Pass/Fail courses do not qualify for waiver/transfer. Note: You may elect to take classes that have been waived and/or transferred and are encouraged to do so if you have no recent application of the materials being taught in those classes.


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