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Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business Awards 2018

Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business Awards 2018

Jenny Gu Jenny Gu, assistant professor of finance, received this year’s Impact Award as a master teacher and former recipient of the Haggerty Teaching Award. In today’s highly competitive graduate business market, it is important for schools to be creative and to set their students apart by presenting truly experiential learning. Semester after semester, students rave about this professor’s incredible detail and concern for making a connection between the topics both in the classroom and online and with the world around them. Her activities outside the classroom include coaching student teams in regional competitions, in which our students have done quite well, and in founding and leading the Student-Managed Investment Fund (or SMIF). The SMIF offers future investment professionals a chance to manage real money while earning their degrees. Under her leadership, SMIF has exceeded the market with last semester’s returns equaling 23 percent.
Dale Fodness Dale Fodness, associate professor of marketing, received the Innovation Award as an outstanding professor who has consistently employed novel and innovative teaching methods to achieve success in student learning in the classroom and online. This professor has made multiple contributions in the areas of mobile learning and technology integration in his classes, been a pioneer in testing new teaching strategies, crafting new materials to promote student learning, and has consistently pursued an enriched learning experience for his students.
Sheila Howard Sheila Howard, assistant dean of the undergraduate business programs, was given the Engagement Award for her role in guiding, teaching and mentoring undergraduate and graduate business students for more than 25 years here at UD. A recent UD graduate underscores the crucial role that this year’s winner has played in the growth and success of the undergraduate business program. She genuinely cares about student success and goes above and beyond to help them get the most out of their education at UD.
Blake Frank Blake Frank, associate professor of management, was the recipient of the Robert G. Lynch Lifetime Contribution Award, because of his history of outstanding service, not only to the Gupta College of Business, but to the entire UD community. In the 52-year history of the college, this award has only been given one other time — to Dr. Stan Kroder. Many view Dr. Frank as a catalyst that made the Gupta College of Business an integrated member of the university rather than a standalone graduate school. He has served on the faculty since 1996, served as an associate dean for seven years, served on many university committees, and served multiple tours of duty on the faculty senate including faculty senate leadership. It is with great pleasure that we recognize Dr. Blake Frank as only the second recipient of the Robert G. Lynch Lifetime Contribution Award for his years of dedicated service and scholarly contribution.



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