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Haggar Fellow Award 2019

Michael A. Haggar Fellow 2019 - Chad Engelland, Ph.D.

It would be difficult to find anyone at UD—indeed, anyone anywhere—who has accomplished more in the first five years of teaching, research, and service at an institution. Indeed, the department and the University as a whole are blessed to have this person as a faculty member. Student buzz makes it clear that this professor is thoroughly practiced and skilled in adapting difficult subject matter to his students. He seems to have a knack for pulling his students into difficult ideas while appealing to both their ordinary experience and higher aspirations. He does an especially good job of blending a concern with contemporary thought together with the wisdom of the ancient, medieval and early modern classics. He is faithful to the intentions of the department’s curriculum and its paradigm syllabuses for the Core.

As a scholar, he has been incredibly productive. He has published two books in the past few years, he has a third under contract, and he is editing a fourth volume of essays. In addition, during his time here, he has published over a dozen articles in top-tier journals. This professor’s ability to connect with his students on an existential level is mirrored in his scholarship. In 2016 he published an accessible and engaging introduction to philosophy, entitled, The Way to Philosophy, which very much captures his classroom approach.

Moreover, he has run the Philosophy Colloquium for several years now, giving up his Friday afternoons in order to enliven campus intellectual life, and he has made this colloquium much more interdisciplinary in character. In terms of service, he has served on at least eight different University committees. He is currently serving as director of the M.A. in Philosophy program. He is truly the model of a gentleman scholar and professor.