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Success Stories

Success Stories

Recent Graduates

Rebecca Deitsch

Rebecca DeitschClassical Philology, focus in Greek with a Spanish Concentration, Class of 2017
Hometown: Duluth, Georgia

I have been fascinated by languages ever since I was ten, when my interest in genealogy led me to start learning Polish. My love for Polish encouraged me to study Spanish and Latin as well, and soon languages were an enormous part of my life. So when it came time to pick a major, Classical Philology was a natural choice. Several friends recommended UD to me as a good school for classical languages, and after one campus visit, I was convinced that UD was the perfect school for me (which has proved to be very true). Majoring in Classical Philology at UD allows me to explore my passions for languages, linguistics, and literature, and I can't imagine a better arrangement!

Topics of Interest: Latin epic (especially post-Augustan), Athenian tragedy (especially Euripides), comparative linguistics

Other Interests: Reading, writing, music (especially piano and violin), scrapbooking, hiking, Slavic linguistics

Maggie Dostalik

Classical Philology, focus in Latin, Class of 2017
Hometown: Plano, TX

I picked classical philology because I have been interested in linguistics since I was 12, when I read "The Road to Middle-Earth," a book about Tolkien's philological roots. I chose UD because it was an authentically Catholic college with an excellent classics program--there aren't many colleges in either category, much less in both.

Topics of Interest: Horace, Vergil, Homer, comparative linguistics 

Other Interests: Knitting, spinning yarn, reading, writing, cooking, animation (Japanese and Western), gaming (tabletop and computer)

Favorite Quote: O socii--neque enim ignari sumus ante malorum--O passi graviora, dabit deus hic quoque finem. (Aeneid 1.198-199)

Zachary Foust 

Classical Philology, focus in Greek, Class of 2017
Hometown: Muscle Shoals, Alabama

I chose UD because it's small, friendly, faithfully Catholic, student-oriented, and tough. The professors really care that their students learn, and the faculty in the Classics department are spectacular in that regard. And their credentials are outstanding. Studying Classics will definitely prepare me for grad school where I want to study theology, because the program here, as great as any other Classics program, is already giving me a strong, solid foundation in the language and skills I'll be using beyond UD. Honestly, I wasn't totally convinced about UD when I visited during Meet Us At the Tower, senior year of high school. Lots of people told me that they had fallen in love with UD. I was skeptic. Now, I have to say, I'm in love with UD. Best decision in my life so far the people, the place, the books, the Faith; a meeting point between Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, and Irving. The whole human experience spilling into my own small one. I've certainly developed as a man, a disciple, a student, and a friend. Thanks be to God for this wonderful corner of the earth!

Topics of Interest: Biblical Scholarship, Patristics, early Church documents (esp. those of Church councils)

Other Interests: Ecumenism, music, hiking, writing (esp. journaling), C.S. Lewis, John Paul II

Lucie Buisson

Lucie BuissonClassical Philology, focus in Greek, Class of 2016
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

By sophomore year of high school, I had fallen so deeply in love with Greek that I knew I wanted to read it forever. As the best way to do that would be to continue studying Classics and find someone who wanted me to teach it, I knew I wanted a school with a good Classics program. I first learned about University of Dallas through Scholars Online, where I took literature and Greek classes from 8th-12th grade. Quite a few of the students on SO went on to study Classics at UD, and when I looked at UD, I was quite impressed with the Classics program, the Core Curriculum, and the Rome program. I also knew that I wanted to attend a small liberal arts school. I wanted the liberal arts education, so that I would have a well-formed mind, and I wanted a small school, so that I could have a tight-knit community with both my fellow students and my professors. UD has come through for me on all those counts. I've grown intellectually with the wonderful, challenging courses, both in my major and the Core. The small community at UD is loving and friendly. Every professor I've taken a class with remembers me, and many of them know me quite well. I have never regretted choosing UD, only the fact that I only get to spend four years here. 

Topics of Interest: I especially enjoy the beautiful poetry of Homer, the poetic prose of Augustine, the charming prose of Herodotus and Xenophon, and Greek Tragedy. I also enjoy historical linguistics and grammar.

Other Interests: Reading, knitting, swing dancing, linguistics, history, punning, literature.

Favorite Maurer Quote: "If you think you can make that penguin fly, good luck!"

Amanda Wade

Amanda WadeClassics, focus in Latin, Class of 2015
Hometown: Chichester, New Hampshire

I fell in love with Latin when I started it in fifth grade and wanted to keep studying it. The first phrase I learned was "ora et labora". UD embodies both halves of this saying with its strong Catholic atmosphere and its rigorous academics. And the Rome program was a bonus.

Topics of Interest: Cicero, Plutarch, Greek and Roman prehistory, Mythology

Other Interests: Creative writing, Aikido, natural dyeing, cookie-baking

Anne Belton

Classics, Class of 2015
Hometown: Pomfret, Maryland

I chose Classics because it was the only major I had enough credits for by junior year, and because it's awesome!

Topics of Interest:  Latin, Greek and Roman history

Other Interests: Lacrosse, chocolate, and doodling.

Favorite Quote: "Never tell me the odds." -Han Solo

Maria Latham

Maria LathamClassical Philology, focus in Latin, Class of 2015
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

I chose to attend UD because I wanted a solid foundation in Latin philology as preparation for graduate level study. I've always enjoyed the academic setting and felt called to teach, but it wasn't until I began studying Latin in high school that I discovered the subject which I would be most delighted to spend my life learning and teaching. The Classics program at UD has a heavy emphasis on reading in the original languages rather than in translation, which guides the student into an immediate and intimate connection with the past. 

Topics of Interest: Latin pedagogy, Latin poetry, rhetoric

Other Interests: Video games, tabletop games, constructed languages (Qapla'!), fantasy and sci-fi

Isabel Dubert

Isabel DubertDubClassical Philology, focus in Greek, Class of 2015
Hometown: Quelimane, Mozambique

I chose UD for many reasons: its Catholicity, the Rome semester, its few students and many professors, the great people here on campus, the Core, and so on. But, I primarily chose UD because of the major I was looking for. Nowhere else have I found a Classics major quite like this one with an emphasis on philology, nor one nearly so demanding. And I certainly do not regret my choice.
My other interests: lace-knitting shawls, playing the flute, reading the Vulgate, and discovering unique and obscure facts about history.

Ollie Bockwinkel

Classics, Class of 2015
Hometown: Shawnee, Kansas

I chose the University of Dallas, in large part, because my high school Latin and Greek teacher, Dr. Michael Cusick, attended UD as an undergrad himself and taught here for a while, so I knew the Classics program would be high-caliber.  The size of the school (both in terms of physical size and number of students), the Core, the Rome Program, and the Catholicism also influenced my decision.

My other interests: juggling, singing in the Collegium Cantorum, and reading!

Rebekah Spearman

Rebekah SpearmanClassical Philology, focus in Latin, Class of 2014
Hometown: Wheelock, Texas

I chose to study at UD because I felt and still feel that a core curriculum is essential to a good education. Without a knowledge of the past, we can't understand the present and future. Furthermore, I knew that I wanted to study Classics and was very excited about the UD Classics Department when I visited as a senior.

Topics of Interest: As a Classics major, my main area of interest is Latin lyric poetry, but, in general, I love poetry, playing piano, studying foreign languages, reading, rock climbing, and spending time outdoors.

Daniel Orazio

Daniel OrazioClassical Philology Major, focus in Latin, Class of 2013
Hometown: Fairfield, Connecticut

I chose to attend the University of Dallas for all the usual reasons: the intimate size, the Catholic character, the commitment to the liberal arts, and the Rome program. I also wanted to live in a different region of the country for at least a small part of my life.

Favorite Maurer Quote: (To a gathering of Classics students) You have no idea how great an advantage you have over the other students here. Theyre like the kids from the other side of the tracks, with dirt under their fingernails and. . . bad grammar!

Topic of Interest: Beautiful language; notably, anything by Vergil, chapter 46 of Tacitus's Life of Agricola, Catullus 46 (on the springtime), and Gregorian chant. Solon's poetry is also a joy.

Other Interests: I torture the piano from time to time. I prefer baseball to Greek philosophy. I think rural New England is the most beautiful place on God's green earth. Fittingly, I love Robert Frost. May it be said of me as it was of the son of the hired man: He studied Latin like the violin/ because he liked it.

Phillip Peacock

Classical Philology Major, Class of 2013
Hometown: Cedar Park, TX

I  originally came to UD for the classics program. I knew this tradition was something relevant for the modern world and I believed firmly that UD was the university where I should begin my studies. In that regard I would recommend anyone at UD interested in classics should read The Age of Constantine the Great by Jakob Burckhardt.

Topics of Interest: Latin. Homer, Herodotus, Polybius, Livy, Tacitus, Eutropius and Jordanes.

Other Interests: Bringing back the Latin elegiac couplet. Spanish opera. European history in general. Learning Anglo-Saxon and Visigothic.

Kimberly Read

Kimberly ReadClassical Philology Major, focus in Latin, Class of 2013 
Hometown: Amarillo, TX

I fell in love with Latin my freshman year of high school in my Latin I class. Since then, I have dreamed of becoming a Latin teacher. Studying Ovid and Catullus my junior and senior years of high school took my love of Latin to new heights. Participating in the Rome Program reminded me why I chose to major in Classics. After two and a half years at UD, I now love Greek as much (if not more) than Latin. Every class I take here reminds me why I chose to study Latin and Greek.

Why I chose UD? I can list the usual reasons: the size, the Core, the Rome Program, etc. In addition to all of these, I love the Classics professors and the Classics program. The classes are inspiring and truly a joy. The people are kind of quirky, but some of my best friends.

Topics of Interest: Latin, Greek (especially poetry), Classical Mythology, Ancient History

Other Interests: I love literature and classical music. I am never bored. If I have nothing else to do, I pick up a book! I used to play viola and sorely miss the joy of performing works by Mozart, Shostakovich and the like. I also enjoy dancing and miss taking tap classes.

David Ringwald

David RingwaldClassical Philology, focus in Greek, Class of 2012

Hometown: Dale City, Virginia

I first found out about UD through their summer Latin in Rome program for High School students. After attending that and learning more about the University of Dallas, I knew this was where I wanted to go. The Catholic identity and intellectual culture of the University really made it stick out among other colleges I was considering. It was a perfect fit for me, I don't think I would have been happier at any other University.

Topics of Interest: Grammar, Early Christian Literature, Plato, Greek and Latin Lyric Poetry, Source Criticism.

My thoughts: In addition to Latin and Greek, at UD I've learned German, and hope to add next year Hebrew and French to my list so that I might go on to do Graduate work in Biblical and Patristic studies.
Other interests: website design, computer science, hiking, camping, sleeping.

Patsy Craig

Patsy CraigClassical Philology, focus in Latin, Class of 2012

Hometown: Hillsdale, MI

While working on a concentration in Latin at UD, I debated whether to major in English or French or Philosophy. Then I realized that what I wanted was to read Greek and Latin. So I changed my major. I love the beautiful subtlety of the ancient languages, and I know that, in any case, the only proper way to read an ancient text is in its original language! Whether I end up as a Latin teacher or perhaps an English professor teaching the Odyssey in translation, I will be more knowledge-filled and happier for majoring in Classical Philology.

Topics of Interest: I like to translate Latin poetry into English (albeit not well). I would love to translate Horace's Odes into a meter reminiscent of certain poems by W. H. Auden. I wrote my junior paper on Cicero's Laelius de Amicitia, so I am pretty interested in Cicero and in friendship.

Other Interests: I like speaking French. I sing with UD's Collegium Cantorum (in which we primarily sing polyphonic sacred music in Latin), and I have been in several musicals. I play a bit of piano. I also run for fun.

Alexandra Weston

Alexandra WestonClassics major (Latin), Art History concentration, Class of 2011

Hometown: Houston, TX

My older sister came to UD, and she found this place to be her second home. She met some of the kindest people, went on an incredible journey to Rome, studied with many brilliant professors, and became captain of Texas only Women's Varsity Lacrosse team. So, when I went to look for universities, I wanted to have a similar experience. The problem was that no other school that I looked at had all these qualifications. So, I followed her to UD and became a Classics major.

Other Interests: horseback riding, figure skating, hiking through mountains, cross-stitching, and analyzing/studying art

Kaitlyn Willy

Kaitlyn WillyHistory major, Greek concentration, Class of 2011

Hometown: Rolla, Missouri

I have been interested in language since I was a small child. I started learning Spanish at the age of five. In high school, I took four years of Spanish and one year of Latin, though I would have loved to take more. I have also studied some Welsh, but have retained very little of it. When looking at colleges, it really came down to UD and Benedictine in Atchison. I ended up choosing UD because of the strong academics and the core. I have since discovered that it was the best choice I could have made. I love UD because of the amazing academics and the wonderful people that you meet here.

Topics of Interest: Historical Linguistics, Homer's epics, original church documents, anything written in ancient languages, etc. Primarily Latin, but I am quickly falling in love with Greek, even though it is the most difficult topic that I have ever studied.

Other Interests: Calligraphy, Literature, American History, Language& I love to watch movies, especially old Vincent Price movies. It is my goal to learn how to speak and read Arabic. I am very fond of Edgar Allan Poe, but Tolkien is my favorite author (he was also a philologist).

Favorite Quotes: "Those who dream by day are cognizant of things that escape those who dream only by night." -E.A. Poe

"Literature is the most noble of professions. In fact, it is about the only one fit for a man. For my own part, there is no seducing me from the path." -E.A. Poe

Philip Carkhuff

Classics major (Latin), Class of 2011

Hometown: Marietta, Georgia

I chose to be a Classics major because the way in which the Classical languages are constructed reveals a sharply accurate manner of thought.  By making use of broad Classical grammar, the great authors can communicate with their readers on levels deeper than what simple vocabulary might allow.

Other Interests: Baseball, sports writing, reading

Robert Landreaux

Robert LandreauxClassical philology major, Class of 2011

Hometown New Orleans, Louisiana.

I chose to come to UD because of the rich Catholic environment, the small size, the excellent classics department, and the great people.

My senior project: "The Weather Signs of Vergil and Aratus."

Other Interests: In addition to Latin and Greek, I enjoy playing music, running, and cooking.  I will be teaching Latin at The Atonement Academy in San Antonio in the Fall of 2011 after I graduate.

Carrie Knorr

Carrie KnorrClassics major, Class of 2010

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

I chose UD classics without having any background in Latin or Greek, but I thought to myself "delenda Cathargo est", you know? I really think that phrase encapsulates everything I love about classics and how I handle translating.

Favorite Quote: "This is Sparta!!" -300

Topics of Interest: ancient history and linguistics, finding unique passages (like the catalogue of ships in the Iliad), and transhumance in ancient Samnium.

Other Interests: I love all movies made before 1960, Battlestar Gallactica, swing dancing, Christian rock music, and bow hunting on my uncle's property.

Bill Farris

Bill FarrisClassical Philology major, concentration in Music, Class of 2010

Hometown: Wichita Falls, TX

My high school Latin teacher encouraged me to study Latin in college, and she said UD has a Classics program, which it does.

Other Interests: I did theatre a lot in high school. I also play music. I'm in Collegium Cantorum here at UD, and that is a lot of fun. I play bass guitar for musicals during the summer in my home town.

Kathleen Moore

Kathleen MooreClassics and Philosophy double major, Class of 2010

Hometown: Asheville, NC

How I chose UD: I went on the Latin in Rome trip in the summer of 2005. At the time, it was no more than a summer program. When I was there, I met Dr. Davies, Dr. Maurer, five graduates of 2005, and one current student. After spending three weeks with them, I knew that UD was the place with the kind of people I wanted to spend the next four years learning from and with. I arrived on campus the next fall and have been at home here ever since. UD is full of amazing people who honestly care about one another. When someone jokingly refers to something from Philosophy and the Ethical Life and the whole room laughs, you know you've found a home.

Favorite Maurer Quote: As hard as it is to pick one, I think I'm going to go with "No country without a great poet is to be considered in the assembly of nations. This includes Switzerland. Chocolate and banks just aren't enough."

Favorite Quote: "Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit." -Oscar Wilde

Topic of Interest: Well, Vergil is simply amazing to me. I could be biased because I have read The Aeneid more thoroughly than many other authors, though.

Other Interests: I love playing volleyball and am playing intramural here at UD. I also really enjoy art/photography, music, and baking.

Mary Sexton

English, concentration in Latin, Class of 2009

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

UD was a gift from God. No joke. In Rome I have seen two pieces of modern-day graffiti in Latin, which amaze me (DUX MEA LUX and USQUE AD FINEM). If you are Catholic and a Classicist you should read St. Thomas Aquinas' Eucharistic hymns in Latin--they are beautiful & will give you a deeper understanding of the Sacrament.

Topic of Interest: I like being able to follow Latin Mass and read prayers and things like St. Augustine's Confessions in Latin.

Other interests: Italian, French, the saints, knitting, soccer, calligraphy.

Shelby Smith

Shelby SmithArt History, concentration in Latin, Class of 2009

Hometown: Houston, Texas

I wanted a small setting where I could get individual attention from my professors, and actually be taught by the professors, and not by a teaching assistant. The Rome program was also a big part of my decision to attend UD. The core curriculum was more flexible than at other universities, too. With the strong academics and small class sizes, you get a lot more out of the courses.

Topic of interest: Latin and classical mythology

Other interests: Literature, singing, mostly (and then things like the mall or the movies when it's time to goof off).

Andrew Bach

Andrew BachPhilosophy, concentration in Classics, Class of 2009

Hometown: Walton, KY

I chose UD because of the unparalleled Core Curriculum as well as the excellent Classics department. The Rome semester was also a very important part of my decision. I am leaning towards majoring in Classics because I think that it helps one to think critically and to study broad subjects within one (i.e. translating philosophy, literature, history from the original Latin and Greek)."

Topic of interest: "I'm only in my second Latin class at UD and have not yet taken any Greek, so I reckon I have to say Latin...? My favorite author, from my high school Latin, is Vergil."

Other interests: Ultimate Frisbee, Intramural Football and Basketball, reading books outside of the Core--if there is time. Haha. Talking about random topics.

Timothy Dean

Timothy DeanClassical philology major, concentrating in Math and Computer Science, Class of 2009

Hometown: Pella, Iowa

I chose UD for two reasons. It is full of delightfully weird people, and it has one of the best Classics departments in the country. With eleven years of Latin and five of Greek under my belt, I founder the latter very appealing; as a delightfully weird person myself, I appreciated the former.

Topic of interest: Philology. The languages themselves are really amazing, as well as the worldviews behind them.

Other interests: I've played piano for twelve years. I enjoy long-distance running, I adore Ultimate Frisbee, I study strategy for fun, and Tolkien has been my hero since I was seven years old. I find computers and math fascinating, and I hope to go to graduate school to study computer science.

Bernerd Schaefer

Bernerd SchaeferClassical Philology--Latin and Greek, Class of 2009

Hometown: Trophy Club, TX

I chose UD and this major because their Classics program is rigorous in the classical languages. That --along with the Core, excellent professors, and (of course) good scholarships -- made UD an easy choice for me.

Topics of Interest: My primary interest in Classics lies in Classical Rhetoric and the Greco-Roman orators. However my horizons have been broadened by taking the classes I have in Classics: I could not help but fall in love with Latin poetry such as that of Propertius, or Greek philosophy such as Plato, and I look forward to falling in love with many other authors which I have never yet read.

Other Interests: I am a self-employed programmer who builds database-driven web applications, and I cherish listening to Bach and playing his pieces on Classical Guitar.

David Ring

David RingClassical Philology Major-Greek (with mad props to Advanced Latin), Class of 2008

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

I spent my first two years at St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where my life was changed dramatically, then took a year off due to worsening health problems. For various reasons I chose to transfer after getting better, and UD always impressed me since high school when they sent me "Latin in Rome" and "Shakespeare in Italy" brochures. The Core is pretty decent, the faculty is great, Rome is great, and the Classics and Philosophy faculty are particularly mirabile dictu. As to "why Classical Philology?", everyone has a long story for this, but the short version is that every sensible person knows that the best words and deeds happened in antiquity! My Rubicon-crossing was in 10th grade when I read the proem to the Aeneid in Latin II and realized the evil of translation and inferred that the same must be true of my beloved Lattimore's Homer. So I tried to teach myself Homeric Greek and continued with AP Vergil and Catullus/Horace and did dual enrollment with Cicero and Livy and the rest is history... Reading Plato's Meno in Greek as a Freshman, and Iliad XXIV as a Sophomore only solidified my conviction that everything went down hill after the 4th Century B.C. (One could even say "after Homer"). ;) "

Topics of Interest: Classics is gargantuan and everything in it is vastly important and fascinating, but my specialization will almost certainly be in Ancient Philosophy and its medieval commentators, Homer, and perhaps Greek Tragedy (although oratory is hard not to fall in love with). I'd also like to be one of the Quixotic revivers of the study of Greek mathematics such as Euclid, Appolonius, Archimedes et alia.

Other Interests: I play Blues and Rock n' Roll guitar. I love Bach, early music, Jazz, film, and the Great Books, to name just a few others.

Elizabeth Malone

Elizabeth MaloneClassical Philology (Latin) and English double major, Class of 2008
Hometown: Edgewood, New Mexico

I attended Latin in Rome after my senior year of high school and was introduced to the world of the UD Classics program, with its professors like nowhere else. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to spend four years studying Classics here and an entire semester studying in Rome. In the larger picture, UD's Catholic character really appealed to me, and because it spans so many disciplines (including all of my favorite subjects), the core curriculum was also a big draw. I've always enjoyed languages, literature, and playing with words. An English and Classics combination gives me more experience and a stronger foundation in both areas - plus, I don't want to choose between them!

What I'm Doing Now: "I am in the master's program in English at Catholic University of America.  (I'm still taking Latin courses!)"

Topic of Interest: Latin poetry and more Latin poetry (Vergil, Propertius, Horace...). Also, I first really learned English grammar through Latin, and Latin's relation to English and other languages has always interested me.

Other interests: Latin reading group, Italian, reading books that aren't for class, travel, New Mexican food



Background photo: 2017 Classics Graduates © 2017 by Rebecca Deitsch, BA '17