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Due Santi Wine

Due Santi Wine Events held during AFW 

Registration opens August 1 and closes September 24, 2023. 

Due Santi - Remember Rome

Saturday, September 30 1:00pm, On Campus, Gorman Lecture Center, Gorman Faculty Lounge

Everything you want to know about the University of Dallas Wine Program at Due Santi. We will address the myths and better understand what we are doing at Due Santi with our wine and what it is important to the University, to the Students, and to Italy. Due Santi is new on the market and the quality level continues to flourish under new vineyard management and exceptional vintages. We will taste all the wine produced to date and leave with a better understanding of where we are going and how this project generates revenue for the university.


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If you have any questions about these events, or how to purchase the Due Santi wine, please contact
Michael Housewright and Thomas Greuling, and