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University of Dallas Class Agents Program


Class agents drive participation and serve as key volunteers for the university. If this sounds like something that would interest you, read more below. 

What is a class agent?

A class agent serves as a liaison between their class and the university, which includes but is not limited to promoting participation in annual giving, planning reunions, encouraging event attendance and updating alumni information. Class agents work closely with the UD annual giving and alumni relations team to engage their classmates as well as alumni in their geographical region.

The primary objective of a class agent is to increase giving participation in your class. You will select a list of 10-15 alumni from your class with whom you would be willing to have regular contact. A few times each year, we’ll let you know who from your list has made a gift and who hasn’t, and we’ll help you to send out reminders to those who haven’t yet given.


Why should I become a class agent?

Class agents bridge the gap between alumni and the university. Peer-to-peer contact makes alumni more likely to attend events, stay involved, and give back to UD. As a class agent, you encourage involvement and are a partner in our efforts to grow a vibrant annual giving and alumni relations program.

Developing a culture of philanthropy among our alumni means our students and faculty will continue to have the support they need. Additionally, organizations such as U.S. News & World Report use alumni participation in giving as a proxy for how satisfied students are with the university, which influences our rankings. Each gift from an alumnus is a vote of confidence in UD and an investment in our future. Class agents play a vital role in securing that future.


How can I become a class agent?

For more information, reach out by phone, email or smoke signal:

Mike Pitstick '15, Associate Director of Annual Giving
972) 265-5849