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American Studies Faculty

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 Dr. Peterson

John M. Peterson, Ph.D.
Affiliate Assistant Professor of Humanities and Graduate Director of American Studies, Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts

Classical Education, Ancient & Modern Political Philosophy, American Politics
Braniff 118
William Atto, Ph.D. William Atto, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, History, History Department
US History, American Political and Military
Braniff Graduate Building 236
Richard Dougherty, Ph.D. Richard Dougherty, Ph.D.
Director of the Politics Graduate Program & Associate Professor, Politics Department
Medieval Political Philosophy
Braniff Graduate Building #206
Susan Hanssen, Ph.D. Susan Hanssen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Department Chair, History Department
British & American History
Braniff Graduate Building 242
Dr. Jodziewicz Thomas Jodziewicz, Ph.D.
Professor, History Department
American history, and history of the Catholic Church
Braniff Graduate Building 244
Dr. Miller Tiffany Miller, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Politics Department
American Founding, Progressivism/Liberalism, Hegel, Locke, Plato, Congress, Political Parties
Braniff 218
Dr. Sullivan Charles Sullivan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, History Department
Early Modern and Modern European history
Braniff Graduate Building 204