Recent Graduates

Graduates of the Master of Leadership Program

Read about the experience in the words of recent graduates.

 Sarah PierickSarah Pierick

The hybrid nature of the Master of Leadership program fit my learning objectives. I wanted to develop my knowledge of practical business information through the Gupta College of Business but at the same time connect that to high-level thinking and discussions about strategy and storytelling through the Braniff School of Liberal Arts. The students in my courses came from different industries and points in their careers, allowing for an intriguing depth in our discussions. The courses enriched my ability to lead well in the early stages of my career, and I know I will be using everything I have learned at UD for many years to come.Sana

Sana Kandalan

I loved this experience so much that I didn’t want it to end. My experience as a graduate student in the Leadership program at UD has been one of a kind. The connection offered between liberal arts and business courses enriched my mind and soul. I had fun learning from genius professors who aimed at preparing aspiring leaders as a whole. It is both unique and valuable to be able to use such a learning in personal and career life. 

Kelly Woods BattagliaKelly Woods Battaglia

I'm grateful for the Master of Leadership program at the University of Dallas. As a mid-career marketing executive, this was a better fit for me than an MBA because of the opportunity to take classes in both the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts and the Gupta College of Business. I found every class to be inspiring and life-affirming, learning from the professors and my fellow students. Within a few months of beginning the program, I gained the clarity and courage I needed to leave my job and take the next step in my evolution as a leader. I'm now building a leadership coaching consultancy to help executives close their leadership gap.