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Graduate Ministry Student Resources

Graduate Ministry Student Resources 

Advising & Graduate Director Information

Each program is assigned a graduate director for advising.

Before you are able to register for courses, you will need to have your graduate director approve your course listing.

1. Complete and submit the "Braniff Graduate School Advising Form” located at the Registrar's Student Forms webpage at: (There is a place on the form for comments if needed.) Based on the program entered, the form will automatically be routed via email to the appropriate Graduate Director/Advisor. *If you have enrolled as a Non-Degree Seeking student or Humanities student with the intention of eventually applying to another program, please indicate this on the Braniff School Advising Form in the "Optional Comments" section.

2a. If the form is approved, your advisor will forward the form via email to (You will be copied on this email using the email address submitted on the form.)

2b. If the form is not approved, your advisor will forward the form via email to your email address with advice about what to change. If this happens, you will need to reply to the email with agreement or communication regarding the requested change. Once this is finalized and agreed to by both you and the advisor via email, the advisor will forward the form and communication regarding the approval to

3. Once the Registrar's Office has received the approved form, the holds on your registration will be removed and confirmation sent via email.

4. Proceed with online registration for courses.

Please note: for those courses that are registered for by paper only, i.e., Thesis/Doctoral Research and Directed Readings, the printed email of the form approved by your advisor can be attached to the registration form and substitute for the Graduate Director’s signature.


Banner Web

Banner Web" is the online portal through which University of Dallas students register for classes and update their personal information (like mailing address).

Banner Web Login Instructions:

  • Go to  Place the cursor over "Menu" in the upper right corner and select "My UD." Scroll down and select “Banner Web-Student” to be taken to the log in page. Or, click HERE.
  • Enter your username, which is the first part of your student email address before "@." Your password is the same one used to sign into any computer on campus. If you have not logged into a computer on campus or have not changed your password, it will be your student ID number. 
  • If you don’t remember your password, email to begin the recovery process.
  • Students can change their password through the online Microsoft portal ( -> account -> change password) or by emailing
  • The IT Department also has a Student Reference Guide designed to answer some frequently asked questions. 

Cyber Security Note: Do not give other people your password.  By using your Banner Web account, you accept responsibility for financial and academic consequences.  The system records the actions you have taken via the web. If you give out your password, you are also accepting responsibility for whatever the other person does to your account!  It is important to EXIT the BROWSER (not just exit Banner Web) when you are finished. Otherwise, another user can simply use the browser back-arrow to enter your record without having to log in.



Brightspace by D2L - Instructions

Please note: Access to Brightspace courses will not be available until the term begins.  And access to a specific course is available based on the course start date in banner. Email communication will be sent to all registered students with instructions on setting passwords and gaining access when the term opens.


Internships & Capstones


Students may pursue an internship or capstone per requirements of their degree plan. Internships and capstones must be approved by the Coordinator, Dr. Jodi Hunt, and planned out in advance of the semester intended to be completed.

Internship Resources:

  • Internship Handbook


Registration for the Capstone is recommended for students in their final semester of their degree program. Students must make arrangements and gain approval for registration from Dr. Greg Cruess. 

Capstone Resources:



Forms may be submitted electronically, but instructor signatures will still be required. Please make sure all of the individuals involved in the completion of the form have been notified before the form is submitted.

 Curriculum Planning Worksheets (forthcoming)



Students are eligible to apply for graduation once enrolled in their final degree requirements and have submitted their completed Annotated Bibliography (if required).

For graduation information please see the Braniff Graduate Student Resource page - Graduation Information.




  • An approved advising form must be submitted and approved by the Graduate Director/Advisor before you can register. (For more information, please go to the "Advising" section on this webpage.)
  • Course Schedule: The current schedule of courses for the Braniff Graduate School is updated periodically by the Registrar's Office.
  • Registration dates: Registration for summer and fall 2022, opens  April 7th! Banner Web
  • Late fees: A late fee of $100 is added when registering too close to the beginning of classes. See the Office of the Registrar for more information.
  • Registration process: Registration is done online through Banner Web. Please review the drop-down menu on "Banner Web" listed above, to learn more about this system. Before registering for courses, you will need to get approval from your Graduate Director/Primary Advisor through submission of the Braniff advising form.
  • Part-time status: you must be enrolled in at least six credit hours (or two courses) to be eligible for financial aid.
  • First-time registration for courses: Please choose at least two courses from your program, in consultation with your graduate director.
  • Inactive students:  Students must now be enrolled in classes at least 2 out of every 3 semesters (Fall, Spring, and Summer) during each academic year to remain active. If it has been more than a year since your last course, you will need to complete the following application before you can register for a new course.

Other Registration Resources:


Student Account Services

Visit the Student Account Services website for information about tuition and fees, payment due dates,  and how to pay online. 

Student Handbook

We invite you to read the 2021-2022 Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts Graduate Student Handbook  and the Ministry Graduate Student Handbook which attempt to provide for current students a detailed “roadmap” for navigating participation in the ministerial graduate programs. We also know that nothing takes the place of personal conversation and relationships. Students using these Handbooks are urged to do so in dialogue with Theology department faculty and staff of the Braniff Graduate School. 

Student ID Card

All students are required to have an ID card available upon request while on campus. Student ID cards are obtained from the University of Dallas Police Department, located on the first floor of Haggar University Center. You will need to show a driver’s license or passport and have your student ID# ready. There will be a computer kiosk located nearby, where you can pull up your course schedule, or you can bring a print-out downloaded from Banner Web. This course schedule lists your UD ID#. The ID card is also required for library use. 

Writing Lab


Onsite Writing Lab

The Writing Lab is located in Braniff 304 and offers individual 30-minute tutoring sessions for all UD students. For information about hours and appointment reservations, visit the Writing Lab webpage.



 Have Questions? Contact Your Faculty Advisor!


Dr. Greg Cruess


Fr. Rafael Ramirez

Before registering for courses, you will need to get approval from your Graduate Director/Primary Advisor through submission of the Graduate Advising Form.  If you are not sure who your faculty advisor is, contact the Graduate Ministry Program Director, Dr.Greg Cruess,