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Braniff News 2016

Braniff News 2016

In the Forum of Scholars and Teachers

Many graduate students write poetry. Many more study foreign languages abroad while working, for example, on organic farms in their host country. Not every student does both. Learn more about graduate student Rhett Forman's Braniff experience.

Christmas Roots and the Mystery of God

The customs and traditions which surround our Christian feast in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ are drawn from many sources throughout history, be they pagan, classical, Christian, or otherwise. Professors Asso, Esposito and Jodziewicz weigh in on the roots of the holiday we now celebrate.

Bishop Edward J. Burns

"It is with great pleasure that I officially welcome -- on behalf of the entire UD community -- the Most Reverend Edward J. Burns as the new bishop of the Diocese of Dallas..."

Ralph Alan Cohen at the Second Biennial Shakespeare Conference

Shakespeare enthusiasts, teachers, writers, speakers, students, and the general public enjoyed an exciting and intriguing exploration of Shakespeare's art at last week's Second Biennial Shakespeare Conference, where Ralph Alan Cohen, Ph.D., presented the keynote address,"Shakespeare's Language - As We Like It."

Archbishop of Erbil

Dedicated to helping bring his country out of civil unrest, Bashar Warda, the Chaldean Archbishop of Erbil in northern Iraq, made a recent trip to the United States to receive his 2016 Pope Francis Charity and Leadership Award in New York while raising funds for and awareness of the humanitarian crisis currently plaguing Iraqi Christians in his homeland.

Braniff Salon

The annual Braniff Salons have focused upon important classical works in the Western tradition such as those by Shakespeare and Aeschylus. This November, the Braniff Salon will consider a topic that is a point of departure from this tradition: the social teaching of the Catholic Church.

Landregan Lecture

The 18th Annual Landregan Lecture's panel discussion will be based on the best-selling book In the Company of the Poor, which bears witness to the impact that theology can have outside the church.

UD in the Community: St. Francis Montessori Fosters Family

It took root in a community of friends and neighbors, people who learned from and studied with each other, with the University of Dallas as their common bond. Before its official beginning, what would become St. Francis Montessori consisted of a room in the home of Associate Professor of Theology Christopher Malloy and his family.

Learning to Listen in a Noisy World

How can fact meet theory? How does one find the truth in the classroom? Psychology student Lacy de la Garza , who hopes to pursue a career in counseling upon graduation, has found an answer in her studies at the Braniff Graduate School: through the art of listening.

Psychology Professor Tackles Research Projects

Amy Fisher-Smith, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, is currently wrapping up work on one research project on the "Deadly Medicine" exhibit while laying the groundwork for another on de-radicalization.

Commencement 2016

UD gained nearly 300 more alumni over the weekend. John L. Allen, Jr., Vatican analyst for CNN, delivered commencement address: "Go forth and conquer."

Recognizing Distinguished Alumni

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Braniff Graduate school, we look back on the remarkable achievements of the University of Dallas' many distinguished alumni.

Mutryce Williams

"Mother, writer, social commentator, advocate, columnist, educator, cultural conservationist, poet, artist, former diplomat, volunteer extraordinaire, certified homeland protection professional (CHPP), doctoral candidate in public policy administration," Mutryce Williams, MA '05, described herself. "Evidence that a UD education prepares one not for a given occupation but for life."

Marc Chagall: Intersecting Traditions

Featuring over 50 original works, Marc Chagall: Intersecting Tradition is a series of hand water colored etchings depicting scenes from the Old Testament. As a modern, Jewish artist, Chagall developed a unique visual vocabulary that synthesized elements from diverse cultural and artistic traditions.

Expert on Medieval Philosophy to give Aquinas Lecture

Professor Sweeney is an expert on medieval philosophy, with an emphasis on the thought of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. She has written three books and about thirty articles on medieval philosophers, especially St. Anselm and St. Thomas Aquinas.

On the Middle Class

The "On the Middle Class" Academic Conference takes place right before a presidential election in the United States. This is no mere coincidence, as this moment in our shared history spurs the search for answers about many of life's most pressing questions -- economic or otherwise.

Studying Literature 'For Wisdom and Delight'

After triple-majoring as an undergraduate and interning in the Macedonian Parliament, it was no surprise that Esther Moon was restless at her desk job. What did surprise her was that her next odyssey brought her to the Institute of Philosophic Studies.

Classical Education Program

This summer has marked the beginning of the Classical Education Graduate Program, an innovative 36-credit-hour graduate degree which offers an opportunity for teachers, headmasters and others to engage in the ethos of classical education as they hone their teaching expertise.

UD Dedicates Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library

During a dedication ceremony just outside the library's entrance the University of Dallas officially renamed its library, now known as the Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library.

For Your Bookshelf: "Light: C. S. Lewis's First and Final Story"

In 1985, more than twenty years after the death of C. S. Lewis, an unknown manuscript was published, raising many questions. Charlie W. Starr, Ph.D., MA '90, explores these questions and reaches a conclusion that disproves much of what Lewis scholars have held to be true.

How a Ph.D. student Became a Corporate Vice President

Bob Kelly entered into the Braniff Graduate School and graduated with a Ph.D. in Literature. What he didn't know was that he also graduated with an education that would enable him to become a Corporate Vice President at Microsoft.

For Your Bookshelf: "St. Peter's B-List"

This soul-stirring collection of more than one hundred poems awakens readers to the beauty and humor in the broken, imperfect striving of the saints for holiness. "St. Peter's B-list" edited by Mary Ann (Buddenberg) Miller, BA '85 MA '90, is a collection of contemporary poetry about the saints, including "St. Peter's Square 1979" by Alan Berecka, BA '91.

Celebrating the Braniff Salon Tradition

With this spring's Braniff Salon on the horizon, Professor Mike Terranova, Ph.D., B.A. '85, M.A. '93, reflects on his experience organizing last year's event and shares his hopes for this year's.